Dare To Stray

Dare To Stray

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Liner Notes: 

we say in Bulgaria when we miss some celebration - greetings on crutches. so that's my crutch for the strange music day. Greetings!


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Strange but oh so wonderful! Experiments often create good things and this song is one!

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This is a super interesting mix of the relaxing music at first, almost meditative... but then meditation sort of goes to The Outer Limits and X-Files. I guess it's fitting to these stories, always the status quo is normal... but then something happens and the status has never been quo and we never knew about it until now. You play with the melodies trying to misinform that the dark dreams are gone... but then they are right back and worse than ever. Very cool track, made me think and feel quite a lot.

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The pitter-patter on mandolin giving way to delay and reverb is just delicious! Well done.

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Beautiful experiment. Some incredible echo/delay! The tones were so lovely at 2:34-ish, but I enjoyed it all, with the many surprises and emerging layers. Glad you came, crutches and all!

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seems to have something to do with time, but all music is about time, so thats not it. it does seem like a clock and watch shop coming to life after hours, though. what is ugly about it? nothing.

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That mandolin is great - wow, craziness! I love that part starting around 1:40 - like musical alarms singing. I hear something thundering in the background - at first I thought it was outside, but it's in your song. I like how it starts with the clicking sound and then you build on top of that. This is a very cool piece.

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This one is pretty cool. I like that the rhythm is layered and polyrhythmic at first, then focuses into something tighter. Nice build into the frenzied middle. I like the coalesced notes at 2:30 and beyond, it builds into something cool just before the vocal comes in.

There's a lot of low end rumble going on in my subwoofer, if you go back and remix this you could probably easily get rid the low stuff (if you wanted to )