Please Move

Please Move

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Liner Notes: 

For the current Song Fight! There's an optional "phrygian" challenge which I may or may not be meeting, with that riff in the chorus I had a go but I'm not great at theory stuff.

The lyrics are somewhat based in fact but with plenty of exaggeration, needless to say I was extremely worried that any of my neighbours would overhear me recording them and hence they might be a little less exuberant than usual. But hopefully I've made up for that by using Every Instrument on this ridiculous song. For the record my neighbours are actually Pretty Good. But that title just led me in the direction of evil...


Well you’ve got the LOUDEST SNEEZE I’ve ever heard
one blast of that thing and the birds flee from the trees
and so I’m asking you to pleeeeeease MOVE

And you’ve got no VOLUME CONTROL
I guess it should have been a warning
when we heard you screaming at your kid
on a Sunday morning
I wonder would you pleeeeeeease MOVE

walking past our window with no clothes you’re one big indecent exposure - I won’t comment on the odour
one hint of sun, speakers cranked on the patio, I’m thinking “heck no”, I don’t want to hear your German techno… can I get a little respect… no?

well you must be the RUDEST FOLK I’ve ever known
can’t take a joke, knock at my door and then implore
me to “turn it down”
it might be easier for you to please… MOVE?

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Ugh! Bad neighbors! You had me at the opening drums and I love your vocals!

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the long lyrical lines remind me a bit of what john lennon was trying to do in i am the walrus, lots of imagination in the arrangement. always something unique and surprising popping up.

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I really love the chorus with those synths (and bells!). You had me laughing with techno/ rhyme. There's a hypnotically quiet feeling of aggression in that chorus. In a live setting you should play that over and over until fisticuffs break out--and I mean that in a good way

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Some of those lines are painfully familiar. 'nuff said.

Wasn't expecting the glockenspiel, but it works really well. And a gazillion bonus points for the pairing of "heck no" and "German techno".

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There's tension in the buildup to 'please move' which is mainly in your vocals and lyrics. The sounds you added to the guitar are reminiscent of stuff Jason Lyttle could have in his songs. By the way, it's relatable what annoyed you here in the lyrics. Enjoyed very much!