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Liner Notes: 

Last FAWM, someone created a challenge to use sounds from the BBC Sound Effects library ( There is a ton of material there - worth checking out. This song uses two samples from that site - cans on a conveyor belt and an ICU ventilator. Other than the samples, all the music was generated by converting the sample of the cans into MIDI tracks, then picking some instruments for the MIDI notes. I did delete some of the notes, and shifted octaves - but I didn't add any notes.

I worked on this yesterday - it was International Strange Music Day. Check the tag for other songs.



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Interesting! It's cool that you can make good music in different ways!

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What a great idea - it works incredibly well, with that repeated bass note tying everything together perfectly. Strange music indeed; I love this sort of thing. I'd put this in the collection alongside folk like Matmos, who have made albums using weird samples (including "A chance to cut is a chance to cure," which used sounds of surgical procedures...)

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Thanks for that link.
Nice method, intuitive.
Indeed produces some strange music, but with least for me. I don't know why.
There is a rhythmic quality in mundane sounds, and as I hear more things like what you've done, and also as I search for different stuff to use in my own music, that fact is driving itself home.

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Cool sounds and ideas for music. Strange, spooky, tense and cinematic.

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Very innovative. I don’t understand what it means to convert a preexisting sample to a midi track and then play it in these beautiful clear tones, but I love that you were able to fabricate this entire piece with only the two downloaded samples. (And what an odd couple they are.) Score!

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that opening note scared me.then i found myself inside a can on the conveyer belt surrounded by sounds i didnt understand, i like that piano and all the sounds trying to harmonize with it

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Very cool use of non-instrument sounds and yes quite a bit eerie bordering on unsettling.

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i like the notes on how you made the track... it is very suspenseful - when the gaspy - i take it the ICU - sound comes in on the right it is quite unnerving. nice to hear experimental stuff here, i must check out more from that challenge.

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Those high notes are so bright and chime-like -- very pretty, and different from what I'd expect from the mechanical samples you're using here. And then there are those strange harmonies your production brings out without really altering the natural pitches. A cool listen, lots to discover!

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Nice work here; I always appreciate experimentation.
Lovely bass notes.
Great headphone mix.
Excellent use of samples.
Good atmospheric track; sounds like that bit in the horror movie when you just know something bad is gonna happen...

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This works remarkably well. A whole new meaning to "canned music"!

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Man, I was in space watching insects crawl all over a grand piano covered in tin foil!
I applaud your desire to create music in such an experimental, unconventional way.
The absence of hooks and landmarks call unused parts of your brain into play, searching to impose order on what appears chaos.