First Waltz

First Waltz

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Liner Notes: 

Second entry to the International Strange Music Day.
I never do 3/4 time, so its strange to me.
Still end up back to what I know, though...
My creativity is low.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I get your definition of strange but musically its a really nice piece, very usable for lots of stuff. Really catchy!

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it starts out like a waltz for a toy carousel andbefore long the whole carnival is dancing. briliant.

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Super mix and I really enjoy the melancholically epic strings in the middle. Strange I wouldn't call it try a waltz in 13/8 or so... But its just me. I could easily picture a movie opening or closing with this little dancelette.

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I really loved this! I love the waltz feel.. the music box feel that opens up into a wild and quirky party. I can imagine a cool animated video with this.... fantastic layers and juxtaposition of instruments and styles. One of my favorites!

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Very beautiful, pretty composition with gentle start and finish and a big build up in the middle. I can picture it in a happy love story movie or a film about a child growing and then coming back to the childhood place. Lovely take on the challenge.

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Ooo, this is lots of fun! Very dreamy, like a cloud level on a video game, especially in the second half. If this is your output when your creativity is low, I'm a little jealous :P

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yep i can imagine this with an animation. esp the music box opening up from the delicate part to something bolder then going back in the box, always turning but more of a carousel in the middle. very nice.

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It has that whole music box vibe to it. It's very pretty. I picture the little plastic ballerina going around and then kinda coming to life as the track expands. It could be a whole montage. Maybe the plastic ballerina wants to be a real girl, and she sees herself doing just that. It's a whole movie in my brain. :P

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Oooh, this is good. I love your arrangement, how it builds into this beautiful piece.

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The opening is very pretty - music box-like. It develops really nicely; the string melody is really nice and there's some good stuff happening in the counter melodies too.

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A very credible waltz with both traditional and unusual parts. A lot of music in 2:00. Good on ya for stretching your horizons a bit.

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Chimes waltz-time...bells now...tubular bells maybe?....percussion grove now....nice melody as well...strings waltz now...big full sound now with everything...ease up on the snare for this part...good idea...chimes solo...ok, yeah, very nice...I like it.