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Liner Notes: 

For Strange Music Day.
Recorded a clothes shaver, crinkling the outer wrapping of a new pack of gum, clicking a mouse, and flicking my mic stand.
Shaver = droning
Wrapping = swelling high freq noise
Mouse = hi-hat(ish), kick, and low end rumble; I hear now that I didn't EQ the "kick" enough to make it hit hard enough to come through the mix. Laugh at me.
Mic stand = snare
Loaded random instruments with my eyes closed.
I went for strange but it still just turns into another...one of these.
They all laugh at me.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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that is one readysteady beat you got with a mouse and a mic stand.. keeps all those other strange day instruments on the run.

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Works for me. Inventive, addictively rhythmic, and musically interesting. The mic stand makes an excellent snare. I bet that shaver would sound pretty good transposed down an octave or two, too - instant didgeridoo!

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I like the laughter and the cool sounds. Your song creates nice strange atmosphere. Cool answer to the challenge.

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Like a dance tune from a hundred years in the future.
Nice mix in the headphones.
That laugh is making me smile.
Not sure what that melody instrument is, but it sure is nice.
Yeah, really well done!!!

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That's a very inventive way to make your drums sounds from mouse clicks and stand flicks. Lots of stuff here and very complicated or multilayered arrangement that still works as a danceable tune. I like those laughter and saa-taa and ke-ke samples. Imaginative combination of natural and synthetic sounds.

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The laughs are killing me. It's what I imagine working in an office environment is like. Except it's move-able, yes.

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Im too strange to find it too strange. It is different and good different. Very inventive and well done!

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You got some great sounds to work with! I especially like the shaver. Oh that snare - that's a good one, too, sounds like a rim click. Awesome groove, and the laughs and spoken words are a perfect addition.

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Nice way to get some unique sounds. Choosing a bunch of random instruments sounds like a good way to challenge yourself to combine sounds you wouldn't normally.

I like the way it turned out - its recognisably a dance track, but one that's slipped through from another dimension where trends went in a different direction.

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That's some killer rhythm, there. Subtle but good. That makes a great foundation for the rest of the song. That repeated laugh at the end is a great element and I like the crowd noises, or the group noises, I guess. The glissando lead at 2:00 and after is cool, too.