It's International Strange Music Day!

It's International Strange Music Day!

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Liner Notes: 

This is my official entry to International Strange Music Day Challenge:

Far too many hours were spent doing this but I learned a lot about Reaper's fade, pan, volume, and pitch envelopes. Hopes yous likes its.


Now it's International Strange Music Day
music is more stranger
each and every way

When it's International Strange Music Day
please don't be a stranger
come out and play!

( repeat a lot )

Now it's International

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


corinne54's picture

What a fun song - Love the melt-y sounds in vocals and music. Strange indeed Smile

musicsongwriter's picture

Love the fun take on Strange Music Day. Great out of tune tunes! It is so clear you had creating and recording your song and your fun is inspiring and catchy. Cool sound effects. I like the theatrical feel in your song. It's very visual.

atitlan's picture

Starts and ends like a normal song ... but what goes on in the middle is seriously odd. Very trippy and great use of Reaper's bag of tricks. Love the way the pitch-shifting starts to make it feel like the song is melting and then the odd backwards phrases before getting even weirder.

billwhite51's picture

watch out for those pitch shifters. they wil warp your ears.

headfirstonly's picture

Glorious. I've had lots of fun trying to figure out how you got each effect; the end result sounds like some of my old mixtapes did after my old car's cassette player had eaten them. I don't miss the days of pulling yards of magnetic tape out of the dashboard and then trying to wind it back into place with a pencil.

The triumphant ending made me laugh out loud. Excellent strange music!

splittybooms's picture

The music intro reminds me of I Ran by Flock of Seagulls, which is one of my favorite songs. Off to a musically nice start.
I appreciate your decision to experiment with various fx. Some of these results sound good to my ears.
You manage to keep everything musical throughout, with the driving beat/groove keeping the listener grounded with at least that one anchor to hold onto.
Creatively strange with some very cool musical happenings in there.

Fuzzy's picture

I'm thinking, "Well, this isn't TOO strange".
And then it gets strange.
And then stranger.
The track really works well and holds a solid beat even though it sounds like you beat this song with a large stick.
Really really well done!!!

coolparadiso's picture

Bonza! Spot on - weirder to weirdo but still klaus and still clever, really well done!

AndyGetch's picture

Deceptive in how the theme song repetition folds within itself then unwinds. Very creative take on strange!

barbara's picture

Boy, about halfway in things really get creatively trippy! I was so enjoying listening to all the variations, to the point that the constant flux started to feel normal to me, and when you resumed normal pitch, tempo, etc., that very homogenous “normal” music almost felt like the aberration. Very likable way of being strange!

lowhum's picture

This is more like decomposing. You sound like curiosity killed the cat over and over again.

Ferry Colyer's picture

Yes, yes, yes! This is totally to my liking Smile The laugh I had was loud (and that's always a good sign when listening alone) around the 1 minute mark. 2.23-2.24 was very cool too.

pfoo's picture

This is so much fun to listen to - all those effects! It's a pretty cool pop song, too. Nice how you keep the beat the going - still bopping my head through some of the weirdness.

TomS's picture

OMG I am a tad seasick! This is.awesome. Smile

JamKar's picture

Right into the throat of the beast! Those weird effects are international in scope. Maybe even other-worldly. What fun to listen to!

jcollins's picture

Hi Klaus, unfortunately, I was nowhere to be found and missed out on this event. I think your lyrics are pretty straight forward. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Jazzy bass and keys... vocals...sounds strange music day...please don't be a stranger...come out and play....pitch bend on the backward something I have the headset on and can hear different things on the side. Vocals really driving this song...DJ scratch punk vocals...and out. Klaus, I don't know how you do it. You are so consistent with good music. Another excellent track.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really catchy and 80s-ish ... love the driving bass and organ. As it gets all bent and crumpled, new sounds and melodies are created. Everything falling over into itself, sped up and sped down ... hugely enjoyable.