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Liner Notes: 

I did this in about half an hour with some of the beatbox and vocal sounds in logic. Assembled with very little care *^_^*

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Very cool chamber-beats fusion piece. Kinda catchy too!

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The liner notes made me laugh. Really enjoyed the track, too. Shades of Bobby McFerrin meeting The Art of Noise! (Hey - i'm old; my musical references are decades behind the times, and I've learnt to be comfortable with that!)

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@headfirstonly is right; Bobby McFerrin and The Art of Noise (I'm fine with my outdated musical references, too!).
This song is making me happy.
Great use of samples.
Yup, definitely made me smile.
Nice work!

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Lip vacuum explosions and purring? Niiiiice!
(You might change your song tag to #strangemusicday, with the words all run together, so others will easily find this.)

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"very little care" - this is what this sounds like, but in the sense of being care-free, which is a quality I admire in music that like.
The sounds work, in my opinion, and are my taste.
This would stand on its own as a nice little tune to this listener.

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Really uberjoyed to listen to some more strange medieval positive kind o strange do wop. Leaves me with a feline feeling.

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This feels like Bjork having a party with modernism classic composers. It's a weird... or... strange hahah party. But a fun one nonetheless.

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That was fun! Half an hour well spent. Great mixture of sounds. I love the voicy sound on the two and four. Oh, and the humming bass part. Nice!