Midnight Mystery

Midnight Mystery

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Liner Notes: 

I resisted the temptation to do some generative synthesizer thing for strange music day and instead came up with this soundtrack-y type piece.

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This gives the feeling that something really horrible is about to happen. It filled me with this sad sense of dread, as a dismal landscape destroyed by demons, that are about to turn around and disembowel me! Awesome! I like these more soundtrack-y stuff because they suggest a story that your mind paints vividly.

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Very cool take on the International Strange Music Day. Sounds like horror movie soundtrack. Scarry and atmospheric.

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Spooky at the start...then the foreboding bells...this should be the track for a horror movie!!

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zombies rising through the floor of an ancient cathedral. the doors of hell are opened. if lucio fulci were still alive, this music might inspire him ro restore the zombie genre to its former glory

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Gosh yes, a worthy entry for Strange Music Day.
Really creepy for sure.
Like the soundtrack to a slightly surreal and disturbing suspense film.
All those bass tones are pretty ominous.

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Wonderful soundtrack feel that creates a truly sinister sense of anticipation. I love the punctuated surprises that accentuate was the horror. I am glad it is broad daylight as I listen.

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Oooh, proper Gothic horror! Those greebling little synth noises in the background really do the trick, but it's that ominous bass pad that's the real star here.

This reminds me of John Corigliano's score for "Altered States", an album which made a big impression on me, and which I still have on vinyl...

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Works for me. I'm looking over my shoulder and wondering what was that noise I just heard outside my window!? Well done soundtrack piece. It creates a definitive horror feel and keeps it going without being repetitive. Good choice of sounds and timbres.

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Space movie, suspenseful psychological scene moving through the dark ship toward the evil.
Very cool sounds used here arranged expertly. The brief synth lines and vocally bits...
Great thing you made.

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Heavy! love all the texture and the way you turn tropes upside down.

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You really have a nice knack for music that insinuates a plot line. And it certainly sounds like strange things going on. I love the bird call motif, and the evolving nature of the piece. Really left us on the brink of something treacherous at the end! I enjoyed the excursion and the sounds you wove together.

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A strange horror film in miniature! Smile

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Cool sounds! That almost metallic, breathing sound at ~ .52 is great. Oh, dang, it's come back! That is so creepy. Love the bass/bassoon part, whatever it may be, and the discordant horns.