Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold

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Liner Notes: 

I've been messing with this, I will be messing with it forever, so decided to post what I have. There was a bridge instrumental, I didn't like it, so cut the song off short, which means there is not an ending...I am so worried that this isn't working, that it is making me not move on with it...Thoughts welcome.


Pot of Gold
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

what am I to you
a game that you play
a joke that you make
to get your own way

when you're in need
are you holding the string
am I the cat you lead
where is this going

did you ever notice that I'm not whole
someone like you can take its toll
you are gambling and ready to fold
you're mining me to fill your soul
but I won't be your pot of gold

if I fell in love
that just wouldn't do
I can't let that brew
we are one not two

you want to fill
your empty space
you won't rest until
I can be replaced

did you ever notice that I'm not whole
someone like you can take its toll
you are gambling and ready to fold
you're mining me to fill your soul
but I won't be your pot of gold

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I have come across a few people as you've described in your song. They are draining; exhausting. Your arrangement and lyrics are perfectly balanced and your delivery comes across as someone tired, fed-up, but not defeated. It's contemplative. I totally dig it.

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Don't worry that it isn't working; whatever it is you think is lacking, you need to keep working for, this is shaping up to be something really good - maybe a short instrumental variation on the intro and then a vocal coda could give it an ending without introducing something too different, that would detract from the mood of what's already there.

The verse chords are lovely and the lyrical theme is one that a lot of people will identify with. Really like the mining to fill pot of gold imagery for someone who is empty and trying to use someone to make up for what they lack.

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you're mining me to fill your soul - this is such a great piece of writing. This is totally working girl, don't worry about that. The melody is incredible, the chorus is super catchy your voice is beautiful and very piercing with this lyrics and melody, so so so full of emotion. Very good. Lots of talent here. You may not be this person's pot of gold (and, really shouldn't) but you yourself is indeed a pot of gold.

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Gosh, you're mining me to fill your soul! Breathtaking lyrics and I can not even describe how this makes me feel. Extraordinary!

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Love the lyric! If you think it's not working, it will work itself out in the playing of it. I've found that in songs I was kinda ok with but kept playing at home and then playing out kept evolving until the ending I wanted shook loose from my brain. I don't think this needs it. I love the imagery and your folky, beautiful voice.

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Beautiful guitar right at the start and then the wonderful vocal comes in. Haunting lyric with lovely emotional melodic treatment. Give rose

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the sophistication of this song made me think of the days when leonard bernstein cited janis ian as an example of a new generation of musically advanced songwriters. i cant imagine anything improving what you already have.

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Gorgeous gentle flow. Love the introspective insights and vulnerability in the questions. The melody is so beautifully delivered with your emotional soaring vocals. Tugs at the heart.

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The haunting vocal Melody fed by phantom pictures of the Past, what more could you ask of an emotion-driven song
Russ Smile

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lovely instrumentation and beautiful singing, lovely work. Little bit of Kate Bush.

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Hey Tams

this is vocally stunning
musically beautiful
and lyrically touching
I have lots of lyrics just sat waiting
to be finished, or even to have a little
more added and tweaked, but
eventually they will get there, don't rush it Tams
it will all fall into place for you
what you have now is amazing

what a voice

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You have such talent for melody and chord movement-often going in a direction that feels totally unexpected. So beautiful. It's absolutely working. Is that a regular guitar you're playing, in standard tuning?