speaking in cursive

speaking in cursive

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(c) 08.22.2019 time and ink

verse 1

you accuse me quite offhandedly
just because you know you're right
and when you speak so candidly
you expect me to set it right
yes my speech flows so fancy-free
because my voice is lubricated
to you it seems it's so damned easy
to go through life so medicated.

verse 2

you really should try letting go some time
and follow your own damn flow
instead of reciting the same bum rhymes
stayin' in line with the old heave-ho
so before you go off on your next hot punk
and start getting all discursive
i'll have you know that i'm not drunk,
i'm just speaking in cursive.


no, i'm not drunk, i'm just speaking in cursive
as a concept, it's not subversive
and as a worldview, it's quite immersive
see, i'm not drunk-- i'm just speaking in cursive.

verse 3

i still have something to say it seems
though my letters are joined together
my words they weave and play at dreams
knitted in place like a sweater
so before you work yourself into a funk
and get stuck on your spiel recursive
understand-- what you mistake for drunk
is just speaking in cursive.


----------------> SOLO


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I had to check this out with that title! I am glad I did. So creative and the rhythm s and flow are great!

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Wait what? Very good concept and I lover the main line it's so catchy and surprising