Just Fine

Just Fine

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The persistent beat keeps this going. I did wonder if it was ever going to break into a dance song with that 4 on the floor kick. This is very soothing and kinda inspiring. After a while with that chant, I'm pretty sure I can get through anything. Smile

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I've got mixed thoughts about this one. On the one hand it sounds like a reassuring message of hope, but then it also comes across like a last breath mantra. Either way the composition is engaging. Your vocal rendering is very cathartic; I believe that refrain. It sounds so vulnerable. Great work here, man.

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Yeah I love it

sounds like this person is in a serious
life threatening position, and trying to convince
themselves it'll be fine
was waiting for a big lift in there if I'm honest
good stuff

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This is different. I really like the persistent beat. I err to it being sad rather than positive! Its making us think which is good!

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Love that steady beat and those vocals! Really cool!!

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The repetitive mantra of the first half was so meditative. I could just loop that and listen to it over and over.

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This is meditative and soothing. Very spacious and dreamy. I put me on a very different state from the one I was.

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Starts off very soothingly with the repeated "It's gonna be just fine" - so chilled. Nice textures in the latter part of the track - I like that burbling synth.