Highway 50-90

Highway 50-90

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Liner Notes: 

Since I just passed 50. I thought id take a break from my songs of personal apocalypse for a cheery tributehere. to 50 90 and some of the people Ive had the pleasure of sharing sings with here. Ify ou dont hear hear your name, it doesnt mean i have left you out, just that i packed as much into four and a half mintutes as i couldm and you are probably languishing in my notebook with the other eight verses that I had to save for another day,


listen and you will hear them

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Show off!! I take a 10-day break and you finish up! Thank you for immortalizing me in your song. Nice play on words. The first time I did 50/90 my last song was called "50 And Done", about a man who is just turning 50 and having a mid-life crisis. Very nice song. Hope you'll still be around from time to time, as I always love your feedback. I just got a little burned out and wanted to research some other genres, etc., before taking a deep breath and starting up again.

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Yeah, definitely u need about 50 or 90 more verses. A great celebration of this highway we all riding and that another 12 bar invention by that afro guy.

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I can see everyone singing along to this one. Just a darned nice song. Very strong 50 Bill well done.

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Love that concept and the energy that you delivered this song! A wonderful tribute to this community and many of the wonderful individuals that are part of it! Made me smile! And happy just past 50! Enjoy the decade ahead. I already miss it!

Kinda like iustaknow.

Love the flat/minor modulation break.

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Good and energetic rockabilly groove a la Elvis you got going here. This is like a 50/90 version of "I've Seen Everyone, Man". Naturally, I was waiting to hear me mentioned and was glad to hear it. This is the greatest song ever that has mentioned me! Smile

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Rocking! I always like a good name-dropping 5090 song. I haven't been home in a long time either. My wife's gonna wonder when I'm gonna get my chores done. This is a total hoot. Kind of hot and sweaty. I'm gonna need to shower now. Thanks for bringing the energy and the truth!

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metalfoot...acoustimadie...rockin' roll...Jerry...show them what a band in a box can do...rolling down highway 5090 and haven't been home so long...(typing problem). Klaus...Nadia...roll like thunder...rolling down highway 5090...and I haven't been home in so long. Nice shuffle guitar...great vocals and lyrics....I love writing songs with Deanna...Cindy...(sorry typing problem)....I'm rolling down highway 5090 and I ain't seen my home in so long. Jamming guitar...great vocals...spotless youth....but on highway 5090 that's where you find the truth...jamming guitar...I'm rolling down highway 5090...I ain't been home so long...lol. Awesome Bill. I like this a lot. Of course, I missed a lot in my song review notes but it was fun. Good one...even classic. You know everybody. I'm starting to get to know a lot of people too and a lot of the names ring a bell. I couldn't type that fast. Yes, this is a classic.