I’ve Been Wasting All My Money

I’ve Been Wasting All My Money

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Liner Notes: 

Not sure how i feel about this one


“Go be useless somewhere else,”
so easy for me to say when I’m not without.
You can drag me down again
As long as I don’t feel nothing
Go to work, same as everyday
Tell myself “I got bills to pay”
But that’s not what’s gonna motivate

I’ve been wasting all my money
I’ve been wasting all my money
Just so I can maybe feel numb
For a little while

And half the time, it makes no sense
When I’m lucid enough to admit.
I’ve been dragging myself down,
Just so I don’t feel nothing now.
And when I’m broke, down and out
Everything else comes crashing down
Until tomorrow, when I get paid
Then I’ll worry some other day

I’ve been wasting all my money
I’ve been wasting all my money
Just to take the pain away
For a little while

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Love the opening line! I think we can ALL relate. Feel so useless sometimes...especially as we age. Clever song well performed! Sometimes you need to waste a little money, ya know? Just not toooo much. LOL

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I like the spoken-type singing in this track. And the lyrics are very relatable. The music is, as always, just great. Smile

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Yes, love the story of the song! Something to think about. Really like the guitar.