Tired of Sick

Tired of Sick

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Liner Notes: 

I want to strongly recommend the book "The Songwriter's Rhyming Dictionary" by Sammy Cahn, who wrote "Love & Marriage", "Come Fly With Me", "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" and other classics. It's not your typical rhyming dictionary—it's organized to inspire ideas. I'm pretty sure it's out of print but I found a used one easily online. Anyway, it helped me write this song, but don't hold that against it!


I’m tired of sick, Ma, I wanna be well
I’m all pills and prescriptions and sadness and hell
Can you wish me back to myself
Like you used to rock me sleep?

In dreams sometimes I become who I was
I wear my old jeans and I love what I loved
But I wake up half broken mama,
Right back where my mind doesn’t keep

Remember when I was a girl, all cinnamon and horses of plastic?
Buttons in mother-of-pearl, Tuesdays Scouts, Fridays gymnastics

I’m tired of sick, Ma, do you think there’s a cure?
A pill or a doctor or some magic word
Do you think I’m making it up?
Do you think I’m all weakness?

I’ve been in these sheets so long it’s a home
A place where my heart beats a poor metronome
Is it me who’s keeping me here?
Am I all lies and cheapness?

Remember when I was a girl, all apples and string cheese?
All newspaper tables at Wendy’s with french fries and Frostys?
Remember when I was a girl, all card tricks and chitchat?
Do you think I could ever be well enough again to want that?

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This has a real beautiful Steve Earle feel. Your lyrics and delivery are both wonderfully executed.

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Plaintive pleading. This works soooo well! Brilliantly vivid lyric and excellent musical treatment.

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I love your vocal delivery - I absolutely do - so Janis Joplin - have I told you that before? I might have. The lyrics about Mama rocking her to sleep made me think about when I was sick as I child, I got to eat a banana on the couch. I realized my memories are about getting permission to do something - not about anything physical like hugs or rocking. So independent, I probably preferred it. Smile

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A rhyming dictionary with string cheese/Frosty's and weakness/cheapness in it is all right in my book. (Of course this from the writer who rhymed marriage/disparage.) I haven't used mine much lately but may have to seek this one out. BTW, this song has some special magic I can't quite put my finger on right now, but it pulled me all the way in. I hope it gets developed.