Believe Me

Believe Me

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Liner Notes: 

Kristi put up these killer lyircs, so I could not resist trying to sing them. Thank you Kristi for your inspiration!



I am alone
And I am strong
Life is one big plan
But things can go wrong

Dreams fly around
But I hold my own
They may morph and change
Wherever I roam

Oh, believe me when I say
If I can survive
You can find a way
Believe me when I say
There’s always gonna be
Battles fought, dragons slayed
Believe me when I say

If you are brave
When harsh winds blow
You can listen to
Where your heart wants to go

Hiding away
Won’t iron things out
Don’t let darkened skies
Fill your head with doubt

Oh, believe me when I say
If I can survive
You can find a way
Believe me when I say
There’s always gonna be
Battles fought, dragons slayed
Believe me when I say

We earn our medals year after year
From getting out there, from shedding tears
We’ll sweat and we’ll fall, and step into puddles
As we make our way thru life’s bridges and tunnels

Repeat ch

©2019 Kristi McKeever

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Very well written, great chorus. Song breaths lots of hope- great collab.

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This is a spectacular collaboration! The words are positively empowering and insightful and the music is really strong. Love the riff and the phrasing. Cool melody and strong vocals that convey the message and capture the sentiment so well! Love this!!!

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Hey, just listened to the song! Sounds great! Very catchy! Good melody & guitar and surprise organ too! I especially like how "battles fought, dragons slayed" comes across. It is convincing to "believe me" as the vocal has a "knowing" quality and conviction to it. I like how it ends too, with the repetition and isolation of the last line...thank you for bringing my lyric to life!

helen's picture

Great inspiring song. The open guitar sound really works. Nicely done, both.

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So “Brother, Where Art Thou!” Love that swampy, Bluesy sound! Yes!!! Nice lyrics, too.

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So much country in your voice, and awesome and crunchy texture, a beautiful voice. Full of emotion. It's the best brush to paint this melody and these lyrics. Dramatic and intense.

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I love all the low end here: in the guitar, vocal, and piano. It gives it a feel that makes the whole body resonate. Feels good. And then that organ comes in, sort of sweet and ethereal. Awesome counterpoint. The repetition of "Believe me..." is really effective and memorable. Nice!

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful song and collaboration. Very creative. Very good choice of instrumentation. Your song is visual and wonderful to listen to.

Chip Withrow's picture

Inspirational lyrics, and exuberant gospel/folk musical delivery (church organ, too!). Excellent collab!

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This is a really nice blues song with a twist. There are three chords but the release is prolonged so that it becomes a chorus. Voice and the acoustic guitar has an authentic sound. The organ adds a bit of gospel feel. Well done.
Kristi's lyrics are fine. The encouraging positivity comes through. Really nice collab.