My Spooky Song For You

My Spooky Song For You

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Liner Notes: 

Nadia....I've enjoyed working on this little tune. I can imagine a child asking his or her mum to sing a spooky song and mum doesn't want to frighten her child so she is singing something gentle and only slightly spooky, like a little fairy tale about Halloween

Bill..Since Estrella, my three year old daughter, loves spooky things, I played Nadia's composition for to her. When it was finished, she told me it was scary. I asked her if she would like to try to make a song with it. This is the first and only take, with no coaching from me.

Music by Nadia Cripps
Vocal improvisation by Estrella del Carmen White

Nadia here: thank you Bill and Estrella for collaborating with me. Estrella sounds like a little fairy. Very sweet, beautiful recital Smile


Dont try to figure them out. Estrella is much more fluent in Spanish than English. She knows some scary words, like monsters, witch, vampire, and zombies....and drops them in now and them, but this is mostly goo goo gaga baby talk. She does have a good sense of rhythem, when to sing or not to sing, and, as Nadia pointed out, she sings in tune,

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Oh, nice. Estrella has good timing too. To me, Nadja's music is only slightly scary, more like a fairy tale scary but it is charming and lovely. I like the idea that children take part in a scary thing and maybe learn to get less scary that way. This is a wonderful song to listen to now that it's almost midnight here in Helsinki. Good job all three of you. Smile

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Estella the star! This is a little spooky and she does have good timing. What a treat!

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There's something SO unsettling about children either singing dark melodies or just their presence in them. This is the feeling I get, unsettled. It's a feeling I LOVE

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oooh my god. Thats really cool and spoky.. I love it. She is gorgeous. Well done.

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This is very sweetly spooky and haunting and captures the innocence and fright of a scary fairytale. I like the gently spooky music and the meandering vocals of Estrella so much. The combination of her vocals and the music is unnerving and it feels like this could be the prelude to something really bad... like I small child wandering through some scene in a spooky horror flick where around the next corner or behind the next door we are going to find something really really scary that knocks our socks off. I love that sense of quite spooky anticipation this creates.

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Ok, I already know this is going to be fun so let me just listen and find out.

Here we singing...nice melody...good baby singing...amazing how this music fits so well with Estrella vocals. She definitely picked up on that melody. Fabulous, I love it.

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This is really cool ... the carnivalesque music combined with the child's voice is so eerie (and beautifully dark). Go, Estrella!

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I listened to Nadia's song when she put it out and really liked it. I love it even more now. Kids improvising makes everything better!!! Also, she has good pitch matching for a 3 year old!