'My Spooky Song For You'

'My Spooky Song For You'

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Liner Notes: 

I can imagine a child asking his or her mum to sing a spooky song and mum doesn't want to frighten her child so she is singing something gentle and only slightly spooky, like a little fairy tale about Halloween. Please also listen to my collaboration with Bill and his little granddaughter Estrella : http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/39204

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good job of puttig spooky harmonies and rhythms to a cute melody, so it wouldnt scare the children too much. my three year old daughter loves spooky songs with cute melodies, such as the itsy btsy spider, which this song resembles in that sense, while being wholly original on its own.

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I love this, what a great production and I have always loved a cute Halloween song. I wrote on a while back and you just brought that to my mind, but the cute sounds in this, I think this would make a great kids Halloween song and you really did a wonderful job on putting it together!

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Love it! Especially the claps. Hey, Disney has started their Halloween parties so a spooky song now is perfect timing!

Very cool. I find my favorite kinds of Halloween songs are light and have that fun spooky vibe like this. I think it would work very well for children and folks like me who don't really want to be scared. Smile The bits of percussion add some great textures. And the pauses that give it that off kilter timing is just perfect for Halloween. Very cool.

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I teach elementary music and Halloween is huge at our school. We have a school wide sing along and a parade. Of course most of the music has to be stuff that the kindergarteners can tolerate. This is a little like some of my backing tracks, although to be honest, your arrangement is better than most of them. I love the ratchet sounds and that cute harpsichord/organ synth lead. And the ending is super cool!