Land of the Dead

Land of the Dead

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I dream of a river
Warm, and red
Carrying me
To the land of the dead

It's quiet there
No wars, or pain
And everyone
Is calm, and sane

I shouldn't wish
That it was home
But the living world
Makes me feel alone.

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Here's something that caught my attention: the second verse speaks of where the dead live, and yet the dead are lucid; thinking. They are sane. I may be digging too deep in the wee hours of the morning, but there's a profoundness in those pithy verses.

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it seems to say that life itself is the source of insanity

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Funny how different minds take to something like this. I actually was comforted by this in a dark way, to be reassured it will be a respite from a loud, crazy, yet lonely world....always love how you express these melancholy musings of yours...I have them too, just can't express them as well. Nice write, especially the first verse.

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If this world is crazy it makes perfect sense that the dead are sane. It mirrors the bliss the lyrics self seems to believe this place will bring. Since they're obviously not spnhappy here