the way it goes

the way it goes

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Liner Notes: 

this is a quick little banjo throwaway.

I was playing this five string banjo which has a missing tuning assembly for that short string on top, so it's a four string- came up with a fingerpicking pattern which i'm not completely smooth with, but played it into the music memo app on the iphone, which added drums, of a sort. then in garageband, opened upa vocal track and kind of came up with this lyric in a few minutes... not sure it says much, but sometimes that's a valid way to go....


It made me feel good, then it made me feel bad
That’s the way it goes sometimes
It made me feel great it made me feel bad
That’s the way it goes sometimes
It comes and it goes, it’s over and done
That’s the way it goes

It had its good points, it had its bad points
That’s to be expected
It had some things going for it, and some not
That’s to be expected
Its up and its down, its good and its bad
That’s the way it goes

Its black and its white, if you put it together
It’s a brownish grey
Its bright bright green, and blue and red
Together it’s a brownish grey
Its all the colors of the rainbow mixed
A brownish grey

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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So, Mike...I was liking the first two verses to my current job situation and then when the song got to the third verse I was totally lost. Initially I was thinking this was some great American melting pot chide, but that didn't quite add up. I dig the banjo pickin'. I was in 2nd and Charles last week and messed around on a banjo that was for sale. Nevertheless, I dig your song, mate. Throwaway or not.

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"It made me feel good, then it made me feel bad" Great song idea. Well delivered! Simple but profound. I like the 3rd's a twist but still in the theme of mixture.

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I kind like it. Vague philosophy. It is more than a throwaway song.

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Wonderful banjo and catchy tune. I like the ambiguity and the generality of the lyric as the listener and hear it in any way that is relevant to their own lives.