Oscar (The Breakup)

Oscar (The Breakup)

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Liner Notes: 

A pretty bad catch-up song—sorry!


I’m all out of songs and poems and things to tell you that feel like they’re true
Pour me another one, Oscar, I’m empty, top me up with middle shelf booze
We had fun but it’s over, it’s my fault
I’ve got a heart that works more like a bank vault
You’re young, you’ll find somebody out there who’s dying for somebody boring like you

Oh Oscar, you’re not so bad
You’ve got style
You’ve got a good haircut
Oh Oscar, don’t be so sad
After a while
It’s all gonna letup

You brought me roses when I wanted punchines and dinner when I wanted revenge
I won’t go into it honey, but know you can’t hide your faults with your Benz
Your mother’s a bit hard to deal with
A boulder who thinks she’s a songsmith
She oughta give overtime to anyone willing to act like those lyrics make sense


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this is really wonderful- so many fantastic lines that drill to the heart of the situation... love the delivery, too.
got that 'quarter to three, no one in the place but you and me' feel, authentically..

i love this song and recording!

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"You've got a good haircut" - that is a great line. I love it. One of the better breakup songs I've ever heard. Your delivery is spot on. I was reminded a bit of Sheryl Crow. Strong song structure, too. Aces!

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you capture the ennui of a relationship that wore itself out like an old shoe. there is such an air of disgust that i wouldnt have been surprised had you put down the guitar before the song was fully sung. stillm there is a strain of empathy for the poor soul getting kicked to the curb,

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Pretty GREAT catch up song in my opinion. Singing that your empty with such a great song...LOVE IT!

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Your voice tells a great story - I could probably listen to anything you sang about but this was really quite good!

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Lots of good bits here. This captures that most breakup conversations are rambling, awkward, and don't make sense either. Keep 'em coming Smile

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It's so not fair that your not very good catch up song is this good. I like this a lot. Oscar is quite the contrarian.