Songbirds I Need A Song

Songbirds I Need A Song

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Liner Notes: 

Maybe it's because my youngest started college today (even though at the moment he lives here), that brought this idea. Needs some music with some
bird song in it.

bill..thanks to cindy for letting me cut loose my inner donovan on these sweet and sonorous lyrics


Songbirds I Need a Song
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Little wren
Whistle me a song
Pretty blue bird
My kids are grown

Red cardinal
Sing me a tune
Song sparrow
They'll be leaving soon

Songbirds I need a song

Mourning dove can you coo?
I'm sad and need to be soothed
Blue jay what can you say?
To take these blues away
Wild birds sing out your best
My children are leaving the nest

I'm honestly excited for them
But sometimes I wish they were young again

Lovely lark
Send me your melody
Cause I'm feeling lonely

Bright oriole
Send me some chatter
Robin remind me
It's the love that matters

Repeat chorus

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Wow. So fast and for sure Donovan! I love it. The harmonica is perfect. Thanks so much!

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What a touching song! Wonderful details in the lyric. I love how the lyric asks for the birds help in feeling better. The vocal, gosh, so emotional and tender. Lovely, gentle melody and delivery. Wonderful harmonica too. Authentic. That's the word. Great collab!!

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Really like what you did here musically. A great fit for the folky lyrics with the idea of having the birds sing to you. Good concept. It's a lovely vocal melody to go with it. I also like that guitar with some single note stuff between strumming, and the nice added layer of harmonica. Well done.

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Lovely musical delivery of wonderful lyrics. Great concept and soulful vulnerability in the chorus. Harmonica helps build the emotion that is expressed so well in the lyric.

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Nice, two of my favorites getting together for a collaboration!

Looking at the lyrics...I had to look up wren (some kind of small bird...makes Interesting first section as the feeling in just the first part is now that the kids are grown and gone I have nothing to do...something like that. The next part is similar and then the lift...songbirds I need a song....nice. Ok, the chorus confirms what I was thinking and it is about my children are leaving the nest. My kids are grown too so I can totally relate to this. Cute song too. The bridge is excellent and fits perfectly into the song. I figured it was a bird but to be sure I had to look up lark (Any of various small, singing passerine birds of the family Alaudidae.). The last two sections are consistent with the first part. Cindy, this is a really good song. I don't know how you continue to produce such great songs, it is amazing. It's very clear to me. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice guitar intro...sounds good...vocals now...sounds good...can clearly understand the lyrics...good melody....harmonica surprise....sounds great....very good vocals...My children are leaving their nest...lift now....sometimes I wish they were young again....harmonica...emotional performance...fits the lyrics nicely...harmonica outro. Excellent Bill and Cindy...I love this song and demo.

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Was a really compelling pretty lyric. beautifully done Bill covering a number of emotions, the phrasing hammers it!. this is a really fine song

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Beautiful, moving lyrics and music. Very pretty and lovely to listen to. Love the true emotions and the instrumentation. Very original and likable song and collaboration.

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Great developing song. lovely harmonica. Sweet lyrics. A bit of irish feeling in the performance.

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Gorgeous lyrics that paint a wistful picture as they unfold. The music fits them perfectly, with its serene tone and its bittersweet harmonies. The harmonica is a nice touch.

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Kudos to the both of you. Beautifully sung, heartfelt. Just very nice.