Summer of Love

Summer of Love

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Liner Notes: 

"Are the good times really over for good?"...Merle Haggard
" Will there ever be another summer of love? " Bill White


We used to hit the back of our hands with a comb
To watch the blood rise to the surface
Thats the way it was when we were young
Everything we did, we did in earnest

Will there ever be another summer of love?
Like the one in 1967
Will there ever be another summer of love?
When walking down the ave was like beng in heaven

When stealing a kiss from a stranger in the street
Was as innocent as picking a flower
And following a pretty girl on a sunny afternoon
Didnt mean you were a stalker

The doors used to be open
Now they slam in your face
But you are the one getting higher
In a world that is falling from grace
Te holy kiss is now a sin
And we shall never see
A summer of love again

In the summer of love
Smoking perumed cigarettes
In the golden gardens
Listening to the Grateful Dead
So many summers have passed since then
Will the world ever see a summer of love again

Repeat chorus

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A wistful look back in a world that's changed a lot in 50+ years...

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This is really nice. I love that opening verse--the idea of doing everything in earnest in a time before nostalgia. I really like the way you sing that 'summer of love' line. This summer I've been watching my daughter and her friends slinking off to frolic in the Willamette like a bunch of woodland nymphs and mermaids, and I figure they're living their summer of love right here right now

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I love the metaphore of a world that is falling from grace. Very well built in message once again dear Bill.

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Ah, yes, I miss those times, too, when, in spite of the upheaval there was, well, I don’t really know how to express what I’m feeling. Just that there was more meaning when we were tiptoeing past the boundaries instead of knocking them down with a hammer. Is there anything special worth pursuing, any secrets left behind closed doors, the thrill of the forbidden, love unspoken, the holy and sacred? The music reflects this.

PS - I used to work for book publishers in San Francisco in my younger days and we published a book about Jerry Garcia. Interesting times!

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Ah, these good old memories-I did one too today. Things were different then, and you have captured this wonderfully.

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I guess the second summer of love (rave generation, E, 88/89) was more of a European phenomenon ... but ignoring that, this is a nice look back to a time that can never be recaptured; as your lyrics indicate, there was an innocence that was present in the late 60s that was gone not far into the 70s. I really like the high guitar that hints at those late 60s guitar lines, though gently, like a faint echo.

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I like the guitar sound on this a lot. I agree with @atitlan that the guitar sound kind of hints at the music from the time that you're singing about. Good work! Feels very much like an album closer, with all the reminiscing and wondering. Great work!

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Interesting thought. I say yes maybe be 20 maybe 200 years but one day. The circle will turn. Nice delivery of a pretty deep topic.

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Wonderfully and warmly nostalgic. You capture the essence and emotion so well. Wonderful journey to travel with you on song.