Money Bees (skirmish)

Money Bees (skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

This was a late entry to the song skirmish today, which was a prompt of either the word 'money' or some word that means the same thing.

Couldn't think of anything that really generated a song idea, until i mangled a cliche in my mind, and ran with it.

pulled out the old uke for this one, quick iPhone recording, was fun, hopefully as much fun to listen to.

could be a kid's song, perhaps? who knows, I haven't been a kid in a while! (or maybe part of me still is?)


Money doesn’t grow on trees….. It grows on bees
Bees collect the money from all the flowers they see
It’s a complex dance of syndication, secret payments, no taxation
Money doesn’t grow on trees it grows on bees

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him a mink
For horses don’t wear mink coats at least I don’t think
I don’t think they wear fur at all, at least not the ones that I have called
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him a mink

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and dumb
Cause he misses late night tv shows, tho he can dvr some
But he watches them almost never, has no time to pull that lever
Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and dumb

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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That is some lovely uke-ing! I'm very much in the strumming stage with mine. Definitely could be a kids song - would have fit right in with the playlists we had for car rides when our daughter was little. Wonderfully silly and clever, and as usual, great vocalizing.

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Cutesy fun silly but still very well done as well! Yes great kids song!

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Really nice uke playing, and fun adult/kiddy lyrics

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Fun song to listen to. Lovely take on skirmish. Your song will appeal to people of all ages.

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Looking at the lyrics...Wow, that's a cool angle and rhyme right from the beginning. I like the second line too Bees collect the money from all the flowers they see...nice. A complex dance of syndication...very clever. lol...nice twist in the second verse you can't make him a mink. lol....the last verse he can dvr the healthy wealthy rhyme as well. Good rhymes throughout. I'm ready for the audio now....hold. Nice acoustic intro...uke sounds clear and bright...vocals now...can clearly understand the doesn't grow on trees it grows on can lead a horse to water but you can't make him a mink....healthy wealthy and sounding instrument...good melody...vocals follow the melody playing in perfect pitch. Catchy tune Mike, I like it.

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This is so amazing and smiley! I adore your playing, it's so light and pretty. And your lyrics are utterly charming.

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well maybe in a movie like Shrek full of double meaning jokes Smile

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This is so cute and fun! I love how light-hearted and silly the lyrics are, and your ukulele playing is absolutely lovely. Great job!

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Oh yeah, I can see kids laughing at this. Especially the horse verse. "That's silly" they'd say. Excellent uke work on the intro. Good skirmishing.