Play The Music When You Can

Play The Music When You Can

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Liner Notes: 

Hey it's possible to write a song in about 3 minutes if you don't sweat things like harmonic development or melody. Repetition is erotic, as I once saw on a Naked Raygun poster I think. SO, that makes this art. Also, this was "mixed" by playing it through once on my headphones and then that's about it. Hey, I'm supposed to be at 25 and I am not! (the "place" is the Club de Wash of course.)


I've got a giant pair of hands
And a giant pinstriped suit
You may not believe
I've got really big guitar

I got a lick that's never been heard
I never thought it would be so
Here up on the stage
Will my friends Scott and Mark

We gotta load into the club
We gotta set up amplifiers
Hey man that is waaaay too loud
Yeah so what fish face

Turn it really loud
Everyone can dance
Or leave the fucking room
What do we care

You've got to
Play the music when you can

Yeah we gotta get our kicks
Somehow so we wont die
Cause if you didn't notice
It's really in our blood

I'm writing as I sing
And singing as I write
God I love this place
God I love this place

You've got to
Play the music when you can.

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amazing for such a short time - the fuzz and repetition really work. cool stuff

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ths brings back the days when being in a band meant loading and unloading equipment, getting drunk in the green room after the sound check, and finally blasting the audience with half an hour of chaos.

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This took me back to the 90s! I was definitely not expecting that in a 50/90 song! This tune has a lot of very punk rock lyrics and a lot of charm to it!

I freaking love it! Way totally excellent job dude! This is one to be proud of!

(ps this song would sound best written / sung from a female perspective ala riot grrrl style)

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Yeh, this is a giant musical ball of passion. Great guitar playing. This type of song doesn't need clarity and the effects just add to the atmosphere. Appreciate the rocky nature and direct lyrics. Good work.

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Well, I just heard your absolutely swell "She Came In Through" and had to hear another one of yours. I always dig what you do.
As an advocate of mindfulness, I love your punk approach to it here. A fun kick in the ass, indeed!