Underneath the Bleachers

Underneath the Bleachers

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Liner Notes: 

I spent the day with bricks, I feel like Ignatz Mouse, also this is my big muff and a headphone mix done in about 2 minutes so let's just say "mix." Smile Also this probably has something to do with high school football games in the late 1970s when I got the Big Muff. Gosh this was fun. Biggrin


Somebody lost their very old equipment
Underneath the bleachers when we were there drinking
I cannot believe that you cannot remember it
Not like it wasn't when you were driving the war wagon

Anyway I had a thought about your silly caption
Irony had not been made it wasn't something we created
If it wasn't published you would not be here today
So that's the silver lining and that what I have come to say

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The lyrics tell a cryptic sort of story and the music says, "LET IT ROCK." Biggrin

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Holy moly, Tom, I sure do love everything about this one.
Listening for a second time...
Gotta Download...
So, Ignatz...
I hope you didn't throw bricks at any cats...

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you said a mouthful in 30 seconds. and if anyone cares to argue, you have the music to back it up.

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Seriously, I've just had to pick my speaker cones up off the floor.

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The title made me think of high school football, too - and your guitar solo has a marching band feel to it! Short and ass-kicking - nice work!
And yes, please feel free to splice my Beatles cover into yours!