No Money

No Money

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Liner Notes: 

I love the Sunday skirmish, but I was going to sit out this one - I was at my job at 3, and then when I got home I decided to get in some yardwork before the afternoon rain came. Plus, I'd already recorded a song and written two others today!
But I saw the prompt, and then as I was outside trimming some hedge bushes, this song appeared in my head.


No money but that’s ok
No money no job no pay
No money not a single dime
But for you I can spend some time

No money in my piggy bank
No money but the lord I thank
For this sunny day
Got no money but that’s ok

No money - well, maybe a buck
No money but we’re in luck
No money but a bottle of wine
And everything gonna work out fine

No money but a time will come
No money gonna get me some
No money but I got a plan
I can make it work I know I can
No more no money man

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Gotta love those yard work inspirations! I haven't come up with my electric lawn mower song angle yet, but we're only halfway Smile

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Looking at the lyrics...nice opening verse..for you I can spend some time. Got no money but that's ok...that works. No money but a bottle of I have a bottle of Jack Daniels...haven't touched it lately but it's nice knowing it's in there. No money but I got a plan...nice. no money I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Uke intro...sounds great....vocals money that's ok...can clearly understand the money in my piggy money...maybe a buck... a bottle of out fine...key change I more, no money man...nice ending. These are actually the kind of songs that you can sit around with friends and play and have a great time. This guy I use to play with played mandolin and we use to sing songs like this. I'm glad you jumped into the skirmish adds a lot. A lot of good songs today but this is one of the most fun songs of all. Yeah, I'd say add this to your list of good songs.

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Such a wonderful easy going uke sound and lovely sentiment. I love all the examples you give that are so much sweeter than money. Wonderful take on the skirmish prompt!

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Funny, I just did a very late skirmish for this same prompt, and also used the uke.
Yours is a fun and true-for-too-many song of flinty wisdom, key change and everything!

nice work!

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Glad you played along. Lots of uking now! Its interesting how often its used in skirmishes and quicker writes. This is a good wise song very nice

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That ukulele is very cute!! And the lyrics are extremely sweet and deceptively simple. Great stuff.

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I love this upbeat rhythm, it's like a man walking with a swing in his step! Very pretty ukulele, and a strong use of rhyme, too. This put a smile on my face for sure - awesome work!

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I've found gardening to be a fine stimulus for tunes. This is a happy little ditty about making the best of short cash. The uke plays into the theme very well. Good job.