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Liner Notes: 

Listening to a friend lament about how someone who was regarded as "true" turned out to be false. I would very much appreciate someone's interpretation of the lyrics. Please feel free to demo it.


Unnecessary feelings come over U
Every time U think about it
U wonder if it ever really was true
But U'd rather not think about it
Who will be there 4 U?
Who will really care?
U look around this city and it seems no 1's there
Who will really care 4 U?
The truth is he's out there
That same force, same feeling
Is present everywhere
When love returns I hope U have open arms
When love returns I hope U have open arms

2019 The Jelly Factory!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Nice lyric! I hope you get a good collab out of it!

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Strong lyric. Very honest and relatable. You capture the emotion so well. This could work well with a variety of genres including spoken word.

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Nice lyrics - this bitterness mixed with an open ending

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You ask for I interpretation - mild appropriate frustration, with concern/fear concerning a life partner.

It could be from many contexts - which is good since leaves the lyric open, or open for expansion - finding no love, superficial love, finding negativity-love.

As far as demo’g it; for a song like this ime without any context of genre like or have none at all for it - would be risky for the performer - let down regardless of if done “good” since, if the author did have an idea, RnB, Country, Tourch, RnR, etc.

I have a personal measure of a love song - it’s best if one sang it to their Goldfish, (or by the Goldfish Smile ) it still makes sense — is about “love” only, no other labels that get tagged on to “qualify” it, so to speak. Love is love (?).

Therefore, change he to it’s or as appropriate.

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Very beautiful lyrics with great appeal and profound feelings. I too think they are open to different genres depending on what each songwriter hears. Very inspiring. They need very good performance and production and I guess many songwriters will feel it's hard to compete with what you'd offer Craig.

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This one tells a story without being too specific, which is really difficult to do. The first four lines especially are real powerful and I love the contrast of "every time you think about it" with "you'd rather not think about it". Good work!