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Liner Notes: 

Host: [@corrine54]
THEME/PROMPT: "Money" Currency or nickname of your choice

Wow...listening to this back as I'm about to post it, I see I left some stuff in that wasn't supposed to lol
Oh well, such is the nature of skirmishes, I guess.
Even though I went over 30 minutes, this was really thrown together...took way too long doing unimportant things...well, things that are unimportant for a skirmish, specifically.
So I'm starting to care less and less about singing (thanks to various folks here saying just do it), so I tried here.
Bunch of janky and sloppy playing, but hey its a skirmish, right?


clock in clock out
i'm like a zombie
forget the brains
I need that money that money

overtime, extra shift
what's it gonna be
give up vacation
i don't care just give it to me give it to me

just give me money
cause its all i want
its all i want

do you have a dollar, brotha?
no i don't
no i don't

she says i miss you
well, i'm working baby
she says i work too much
i say she's crazy

goodbye my love,
...goodbye expensive dates...
the money i'm gonna save
its like heaven opened up the flood gates!

just give me money
cause its all i want
its all i want

do you have some time, baby?
no i don't
no i don't

just give me money

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Very cool sound! I love the sort of frantic pace it-just like chasing after real money! Great skirmish!

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I didn't hear any real issues with this track? Great skirmishing and it's a stupidly catchy track, I think.

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This is really clever, and excellent for a skirmish ! You have a keeper here for sure.
Great lyrics, pure funk and amazing vocals on top - love it Smile

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Really good one mate. Very catchy. Good to go i reckon! Music really fits the prompt.

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Very early 80s vibe to this one, sounds like a disco derivative almost (in a very very good way, please take that as the compliment I mean it to be haha!)

"do you have some time, baby? // no i don't // no i don't" - how great is that phrase. Really like the scene you've set here. Great skirmish all round.

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Awesome funky song, very cool take on skirmish. Didn't hear any issues with your track. Very good song indeed.

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Cool funky beat to this. Fine old school funk. Very good skirmishing. If I'm ever done on time then I'll start to worry. Wink

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Dang, you pulled off that vocal very well. It's maybe a bit hot in the mix but it sounds very good. Cool beat, cool vocal phrasing. It's hard to sit still while listening to this.

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Funky and groovy! Excellent work in an hour and a half. Yah, I don't hear anything wrong with the tracks either Smile You make me wanna give you money Wink

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Uh...I think you handled those vocals just fine, bro. It's got a little Jamiroquai and The Invisible Man's Band (yes, that band) rolled up here. I would love to do more skirmishes, but I keep pouring way too much into it. I hope you will increase your vocal presence going forward. I like how you sound (seriously). And don't worry, click track is coming...

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Looking at the opening it. I don't care give it to me give it to me. You are definitely a hard worker! lol...just give me money cause it's all I want its all I want. you have a dollar brotha? no I don' Well, I'm working Goodbye expensive you have some time, baby? No I don' Fun lyrics all the way through. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Synth...chop groove...vocals now...sounds good...beat now...I need that money...give it to me...give me money cause it's all I you have a dollar I don't...added keys now...and snare hits...vocals and lyrics really driving this tune very nicely...synth sweep...just give me money...groove still going in the back...snare roll...solid groove...very catchy...just give me you have some time I don't....fade out. What a fun song. You did great on this...I like it a lot. Very nice skirmish.

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Your music is so wonderfully addicting and delightful. Great vocals on this too! Bounces along perfectly with that infectious rhythm and instrumentation. I like the directness of the lyric. This is so impressive for a skirmish!

This is so fun! The rhythm had me dancing and grooving along the whole way through! The melody is super catchy, your voice sounds great, and your performance fits the song really well. Fantastic job on this!