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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish August 18, 2019 "Money"

Update: This demo updated September 14, 2019 to version 2. Something still wrong with the drums...I think....might be a version 3.

Original skirmish file here:



I want money
I want it all
Give me money
Give me it all

I was thinking of robbing the bank
But it was another daydream yank
All this money and I work for minimum wage
I have to guard money behind a cage
I dream on at no charge
Tell nobody that I'm money starved
I just want to buy her something nice
But I can't afford to pay the price


One day they called and wanted me to go
Somebody important is coming to the show
They like my songs and maybe sign a deal
If I can pull this off I won't have to steal
I'm not going to steal nothing anyways
That's just a daydream part of my days
Working in a bank guarding the money
I have no money to give to my honey

On behalf of myself and the band
I hope we passed the audition
Sign right here and give us permission
I was skeptical and full of suspicion
Then I signed and got a check

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"On behalf of myself and the band
I hope we passed the audition" Biggrin

How nice to get a check instead of guarding someone else's money! Smile

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That bridge lyric... reminds me of the Beatles a little? Anyway, enjoyable song and fun guitar solos!

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Cool song. Well skirmished mate. Yup you pass the audition. Nice catchy vibe.

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My fav lines
"I dream on at no charge
Tell nobody that I'm money starved
I just want to buy her something nice
But I can't afford to pay the price"
Charge/starved - good rhyme Smile

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Those descending chords hooked me instantly! What nifty guitar work. And I agree with cindyrella that this is very 60s, especially the melody. Something old and American about this one for sure, really digging the tone!

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. It has a fun title and great lyrics.

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A rocker for sure and cool solo! A fun listen and well done on the skirmish Smile

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I liked the solo too. It sort of wandered into mayhem as if it was seeking money! Catchy rocker. Great skirmish.

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Digging the chorus. Flowing rock tune with some great lyrics for the prompt. Broke but gotta stand around and guard cash all day...then you get a break with the band and get that money!
Guitar is really chugging and sounds good; love when you solo, they jam!

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Cool use of that downward bass line for the chorus bit.. it's a cool sound all around. That bridge has a nice rhythm to it that breaks up the rest of the song nicely.

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This is such a great skirmish! I love the directness and pithiness of the chorus and the honesty and vulnerability that grows in the verses. The chorus is a great contrast to the story that evolves in the verses and the bridge. It has a great classic feel good rock feel. Awesome guitar solo! Truly a great song amazing for a skirmish! That is a contagious outro!

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great fun! love that Beatles reference near the end, and nice rock feel to it- love that chorus with those descending chords, too....nice solo too!

i did a last minute entry on this skirmish, too, just a silly little uke thing...

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Fun rock song, cool take on the skirmish prompt. I like the positive feel and the desire to win. Loving the rock vibes.

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This is really catchy! The lyrics have a great rhyme and rhythm to them, and the story they tell has a good progression to it as well. I love the bridge and the guitar solo especially! Great addition to the skirmish.

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You made it to 50! Congrats! Love the story here - clever and clear. Well done!! Nice short lined chorus gives an effective contrast with the verses.

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It somehow reminds me of iggy pop. It's probably the chorus. No money, no honey as the wise man in winnie the pooh says. The verses have also a celtic trad feel. Or it's just me.