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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt 'Money or some other name for currency' so naturally went with green and the double entendre with environmentally friendly and electric cars in my musical idea with songs from the electric cars point of view. One of my song ideas this 5090 was tentatively titled 'garage charging' so that worked it's way in to the list. Powerchord open tuning playing guitar through practice amp recorded with voice in one track to a USB mic. Written and recorded in one hour, so first take (improvised melody and chord vamp), mistakes and all. Track doubled in a compressed vocal and heavy grungy guitar effect. I may revisit, edit and re-record this one.


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Green (All)
Guitar tuning open E5 EBEEBE chords: E5 - oooooo; G5 - 333333; B5 - 777777; A5 - 555555 or - o7777o; G#5 - 444444; F#5 - 222222; G6 - o3333o; B4 - o7777o; C - o8888o;

[E5/G5 vamp] Plug me in
It only costs a little money
12 cents a kilowatt hour
Plug us in
It only takes a minute no fuss honey
All that extra power
Can’t stop us now and we’ve got what it takes to win

[E5/G5 vamp] Plug me in
I’ll save you change every mile
About twenty cents
Plug us in
Look in the rearview at your smile
Feeling like heaven sent?
What do you think now
No gas no oil changes we’re [F#5 low mainten ance

Garage charging
No tailpipe belching
No cash credit carding
No gas pumping
No smelly hand washing
Just one annual visit to the shop
Wind is the loudest noise you hear unless you slam the brakes at the stop
Walk you through that anxie ty fear
We’re the cleanest ride from here to there

[E5/G5 vamp] Plug me in
Every night or once a week (whenever you need)
in your garage or in the car park
Plug us in
Far less hoses, gaskets and lines that drip (those annoying leaks)
Take you almost anywhere an electric affair
It’s easy we’ll teach you how
To dump the pump and go green electric

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This is so effective! Love the guitar effect. Slightly ominous tone but oh so cool!

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Guitar effect is great, and it works well as a showpiece for why electric cars are a good idea!

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The distorted type guitar fits just perfect with the concept of the car singing the song - love it Smile

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Those slightly spoken vocals and the effect on them reminds me of the recordings you can find of Alan Ginsberg's 'America' performances. I REALLY love the line "We’re the cleanest ride from here to there" - wonderful phrasing!

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That's a really nasty sound you made. Almost like you were using a gas powered amp. Wink Good job absorbing the prompt into your mission.

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That's a powerful guitar sound right from the start. And the strum pattern/rhythm is driving without being busy. It's good. I like your vocal phrasing, too. This is cool.

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That part from 1:44-3:19ish...really dig the feel of the guitar there against the main riff. LOVE the sound of that distortion.
Fun lyrics as always with your electric car (Henry, was the name right?) stuff. Kudos for keeping that going.
I think this might be my favorite I've heard so far. That guitar is killer.

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First, looking at the title and it's the first visual of money I've seen in the skirmish "Green". Pretty good idea. Also, in your liner notes, the idea of a green economy morphs well with money.

Looking at the lyrics...plug me in is a that. Can't stop us now is powerful. Look in the rearview at your smile is a nice visual. No gas, no oil, we're green...nice. Yes, and continues on to promote green. Well done Andy. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. big me in..12 cents...all that extra power...can't stop us now...we got what it takes to win...can clearly understand the that guitar...look in the rearview at your gas, no oil changes....changeup on guitars now...garage cash credit gas original and unique sound. Changeup now...plug me in...plug us in...take you almost anywhere...electric...changeup again...electric...and out. Cool Andy, nice skirmish.

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Ha! I expected there would be an e-car song with this prompt! Cool chords and delivery! And you make a compelling case!

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oops i missed this one! yup i wasnt suprised here but thats a good thing. very well done. good change ups and good phrasing. nice

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hypnotic phrasing and rhythm, really works well (especially the first half) with this techno-themed lyric.. what a great imagining of a 'machine talking ...

i did a very last minute late entry for this skirmish too, just a quick uke thing..

This is a neat take on the prompt! Love the guitar part on the section starting at the first "Green", and the distortion effect sounds really cool. Nice job!