Liner Notes: 

This was my first time participating in a skirmish, and it was really fun and also really difficult! It's kind of amazing to me that an hour ago, this song didn't exist, and now somehow it does. Definitely a lot of things I'd change if I were to keep working on it, but I'm still pretty happy for only having spent an hour on it.

I'll be busy the rest of the night, but I'll listen and comment on everyone else's songs tomorrow!

Thank you corinne54 for the prompt!


Waiting for that paycheck
To hit my bank account
Cent by cent to freedom
Building to one amount

Waiting for that minute hand
To cue the tower bells
A second seems a lifetime
When your passion is somewhere else

Why should I trade my life away,
Scraping for every dime?
Time's worth more than money
Until money can buy you time

Waiting for that moment
When the share is mine to keep
Better if I could lose it
Without losing any sleep

Why should I trade my life away,
Scraping for every dime?
Time's worth more than money
Until money can buy you time


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cindyrella's picture

You did this wonderfully-even it is your first! Great message, great song!

metalfoot's picture

I love skirmishes-- a song comes out of nowhere! I think you have done some great work with this track. The bounce to the piano accompaniment is great and the lyrics are on-point. Great singing too!

corinne54's picture

This is awesome, and hard to believe it's your first skirmish! Great work!

coolparadiso's picture

Very good and welcome to skirmish world. Beware it can be addictive! Good tune, nice lyrics and well delivered , very nice.

kahlo2013's picture

Oh yes! So glad you did this skirmish! This is really wonderful! I love the jaunty piano and the lyric soaring lyric delivered by your gorgeous vocals. Truly a delightful upbeat bluesy feeling. Wonderful vocal noodle on the outro!

Powerstars's picture

Digging the bouncy piano! This is almost like a showtune with the way the lyrics illustrate the idea of it so effectively. The "Time's worth more than money until money can buy you time" lyric is a great hook and a clever line in its own right too. Great song!

AndyGetch's picture

Welcome to the wonderful world of skirmishland where the pressure cooker of time (that money can't buy Smile ) often serves up tasty dishes. Lot's to like about this one. My most favorite things are the piano riffs and the chorus.

phoenixash's picture

Very good groove, very nice playing and a great melody woven with a very interesting and true reflection over the nature of time and the truth that only it matter sung by a very beautiful melodious voice

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...yeah waiting for that paycheck...nice. It usually is about money. Cent by cent to freedom...another nice line. The next section waiting for that minute hand. Oh yeah, and how much longer before I am free. Nice choice of words throughout this section. In my case, I wanted to get off work so I could go home and play music. The next part continues with money can buy my true. It also asked why do we have to do it this The next section hits on the importance of money and living on a schedule. Ok, chorus and then...Time. Money is the bottom line but Time is a key too and really stands out in your lyrics. Nice job on this. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Keys...vocals now,..waiting for the paycheck...can clearly understand the lyrics...waiting for the minute hand...when you passion is somewhere can buy you time...nice piano...good vocals and melody...why should I trade my life away...until money can buy you time...nice changeup on the piano....time and out. Very nice, I like it a lot.

JWHanberry's picture

Good write, right on target with the prompt. Welcome to skirmishing. It's always a surprise! Next time you might consider changing chords when you get to the chorus ("Why should I trade my life away,...") You changed the melody so a chord change would help to set it apart and give some variety. A typical way might be to go to the IV chord. Sounds like you're in B so that would be E.

I didn't know about your song until you commented on mine. You should leave a link to your song in the skirmish thread so we all know you're there.

Anyway, good work. Looking forward to hearing you again this weekend.

mike skliar's picture

nice one! love your piano work, which really propels it along, and the lyric is fun and wise.... great skirmish!!