'Money is not everything'

'Money is not everything'

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Host: @corinne54
THEME/PROMPT: "Money" Currency or nickname of your choice
Immediately comes to mind ABBA so I just couldn't come up with my music lol. I adore ABBA Smile
Just some words I wrote for the prompt.
Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.
Update: a demo is coming. Stay tuned.


'Money is not everything'
Lyrics ©2019 Nadia Cripps

You keep saying money talks
My music doesn't sell so it's worthless
Your reaction often gives me writer's block
Perhaps you couldn't care less

So what you'd say
It's not your profession, it's your hobby
Get on with what's needed every day
And hurry up, make me my cup of coffee

Maybe I'm living in a dream world but
I don't believe money is everything
It's true, my songs don't sell, so what?
And you a breadwinner but I bring
Something money can't give
Without music I simply can't live!

Did you notice that most of movies have music?
Without sountracks films don't make impression as strong
Music makes us cry, laugh, think, not give up, it's therapeutic
Songs help me and hopefully many more to go on

Money and music start with the same letter
Money can buy you so much but they don't help you feel better

I don't believe money is everything
Even thought it's true for you
Music is my thing
It's my dream I want to live up to

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I love. Money and music start with the same letter
Money can buy you so much but they don't help you feel better

Very interesting lyric! Nice skirmish

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I also prefer 'music' over 'money' if forced to choose... but it would be nice to have both! Biggrin
Very relatable lyrics!

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Oooh, there's some bitterness in here I can definitely relate to. A brilliant defence of the craft, feels like a lyrical retaliation towards anyone who's ever said something to prompt it (and goodness knows we've all heard it at least once!).

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I love " hurry up make me my cup of coffee"! Music certainly is something that can be more precious than money.

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When I started reading I assumed that this was going to turn into an empowerment from abuse type song, but it's actually more complicated than that. More about personal satisfaction and the need to do what you need to do. At least that's my take on the lyric Smile

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Love, love, love this! You created a wonderful song!

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I really like the meta-songwriting angle on the prompt!

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Fine writing that tells a story that is, I'm sure, true many times over. Why do they think it's called being a starving artist? What you say about movies is true of life itself. Good spin on the money prompt.

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Never had someone come at me with this attitude, however I relate to a lot of these lyrics.
Nice conversational feel to this one with great points made about music/money relationship.
Some folks really don't understand..and not saying that I DO understand all the reasons I make music (I really don't at all), but I know its not about money, as like write here, I've sold nothing. Well...that's not true...I made TWO sales Smile Oooooooooh MONEY!!!! lol

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I like that you wrote about the worth of music in a personal sense. And that you have a bit of bite in the attitude, we all need to defend ourselves as well.

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Looking at the lyrics...very strong opening verse that all songwriters can relate to...nice. Yeah, the second verse is absolute truth from my experience. I've heard the hobby line too. The next part explains that music is a way of life and not about money. The next part continues to explain the importance of music throughout the entertainment business. The next part is the money can't buy you love or simply help you feel better. The next part clearly exposes the other character as being totally driven by money "money is everything" followed by my dream I want to live up to. Yes, I've been doing this a long time Nadia and certainly can relate to everything you talk about in your song. Great skirmish!

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Great comparison and so true! Lovely and important insight and great take on the skirmish!

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I can hear this singing in my head. I love the lyrics!