The 1996 Loblolly Pine Queen

The 1996 Loblolly Pine Queen

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Liner Notes: 

I probably should've done this in two takes.


he had an old green Ford and some cowboy novels
A hundred twenty bucks she swiped from McDonald’s
She took em on the lam down I-16
It was the last time they saw their Loblolly Pine Queen

She wasn’t good with names and she wasn’t good with faces
She had all the worst faults a pretty smile erases
She rolled down the windows, drank her peppermint tea
And her sash said ’96 Loblolly Pine Queen

Over in Savannah, Mary Ellen and Susanna
They wondered who’d be getting the crown now
But no matter how it looks in your history books,
From the city to the sticks, we know the real '96
Loblolly Pine Queen was Lurlene

She broke a lot of hearts and she broke a lot of contracts
She told a few tales that didn’t square with the known facts
Hard to be mad cuz she was only seventeen
And everybody always loved the Loblolly Pine Queen


Her daddy told the preacher she was working in Macon
Doing long haul trucking or short order bacon
But her mama kept a postcard taped to the TV
It showed the Golden Gate Bridge, signed Loblolly Pine Queen


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That was a great bit of storytelling, and it works just fine with the rough edges of a one-take.

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Great title, excellent story telling and spot on delivery. Very good catchy engaging song

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Great groove. Tracking and a little bit funny, little bit sad, storyline about a teeny beauty pageant queen.

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Cool song! You're a super talented songwriter and singer!