Almighty Money

Almighty Money

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Liner Notes: 

A mess I recorded in the park. I skirted the poison ivy and spoke the lyrics. The tracks got screwed up, but no way was I going to redo this!


Money Simoleons, Bullion, Moolah
Whatever you call it, we want it, we need it
Dubloons, Ducats, Dough, Dollah
Put coins in the kitty cause I need to feed it

We all got expenses
All bills to pay
It's too bad it has to be this way
Almighty Money, to thee we pray

Ready made cash
A secret stash
As soon as you make it
It's gone in a flash

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I was just getting into it when it was over!!!

Fun write and hard to argue the lyrics.

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It doesn't come across as a mess! In fact it sounds really cool. Very good skirmish, the talk over suits it!

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Love that kind of sinister feel to capitalistic issues of money. Recording outdoors was perfect as there is such a great city rap vibe with the siren in the background. It is so impressive how you rock every genre! Love it!

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I wouldn't have known the tracks got messed up if you hadn't said so. This sounds wonderfully experimental without being too over the top, so I'd say that was a serendipitous bit of recording! Would love to hear more!

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Oh, wow.. the delay is a cool effect... I like the siren in the background and t he cool rhythm that keeps it moving on nicely. Short but cool.

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Cool song Corinne, it creates the right atmosphere for the money theme. Very good take on skirmish. Thank you for the theme Smile

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Far too short ! Gotta love the back story too - can imagine the odd looks you might had got in the park !
The 'sound' is really cool, and I reckon would make a neat alt edm track (if there is such a genre - if not we have one now !).

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Nifty but brief soundscape. It really draws a picture. Watch that poison ivy. Just sprayed a bunch yesterday.

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Hm, regardless how the tracks got messed up, I hear nothing but awesomeness. Seriously, every thing here works for me. The delay on the vocals, the little minimal drum track, that synth that comes in - its syncopated in a way that made my brow go up like The Rock, but it immediately made me smile because of how it blended with the rhythm.
I don't know if you have plans to do more to this, but if you do, I'd like hear it...very much so.

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Looking at the lyrics...ah, a nice list of words people use to describe money. The next part explains why we have to have money. The last soon as you make it's true. Very nice. I'm ready for the audio now....hold. Cool beat...echo...that works...sirens in the back...70s guitar...I hear some keys....gone in a flash. Nice job on this, I like it.

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love this! that soundscape, that delay, those wacky keyboard parts that pop in and out.. and just like money, its' gone too quick!

i did a very last minute late skirmish on this topic just now with a uke, btw..

great work!

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This sounds so cool! This track has a strong groove, which the rhythm of the spoken vocals along with the delay effect bring out really well. I'd love to hear a longer version. Awesome job!