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Liner Notes: 

Another. I like this one better. Halloween is coming and all those wonderful scary movies, so I decided to write a horror movie overture of the variety that I like,

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This is mysterious, and I just see a scene in a movie of a dark and scary street, with leaves blowing around. Nice!

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you are making john carpenter jealous.,,,,although there is quite a departure from his style at 1 50. i cant quite place what is happening in that final movement.

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Very ominous start with dark strings and tinkling, wind-chime like, bells. A tease of a pizzicato theme and then more dark strings The second half is a surprise so much lighter.

In film score terms I guess it would be setting up a sense of tension to come before switching to the opening scenes of normality before the horror starts.

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Ominous yet delightful. This is a really interesting piece with a great shift in tone toward the end.

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yup it really works - your musicality shines through - much harder to do than this sounds - nice one

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Oh wow, a Halloween instrumental...didn't expect that. I'm ready for the audio...hold Bells and some kind of atmosphere soundtrack...sounds creepy...lol...not sure what this sound is some kind of creepy chops on orchestra...not sure...strings now...tremolo strings I think...walking bass...violin now...didn't expect that at all...flutes...sounds so innocent now....why do I feel like something bad is going to happen...lol. oh no, the track is over...lol. Yeah, I think you should get back in there and bring back that spooky music and really dig in for about 2 more minutes of creepy music. I like what you got...a little disappointing that it ended but that's not a bad thing. It leaves you wanting more. Great job on this.