Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'

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Liner Notes: 

feeling cute, might delete later idk (LOL)

Up very late doing this, I'll come repay visits and catch up with some old friends after a rest. Promise.

As always, any and all critique welcome!


Just Sayin' by Wolf Kier 2019


Don't go getting mad at me for pointing out hypocrisy - just sayin', just sayin'
Because I don't think what you do, don't think I got an attitude - just sayin', just sayin'

We could be such friends you see
If we could see fit to agree
Perhaps the truth would set us free
What a lovely planet it would be!
just sayin', sayin', sayin', sayin'...

Let's not pretend the world will end, I'll still be here to call you friend - just sayin', just sayin'
With all this hate, this misery, let's be the best that we can be - just sayin', just sayin'

We could be such friends you see
If we could see fit to agree
Perhaps the truth would set us free
What a lovely planet it would be!
just sayin', sayin', sayin', sayin'...


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Yo Wolf - so as I was listening to this track, I was reminded of my days of watching Friday Night Viideos and catching that one quirky, catchy video that made me go looking for it the next day at the record store. I remember the first time I heard Scritty Politti's Wood Beez, and it stayed with me for a very long time. This song strikes me in the same manner. The repeated "just sayin'" put a smile on my face. Don't delete it, man. It works. It's hooky, it's playful!

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wonderfully quirky arrngement gives unique support to these brief optomistic obsevations. its like hip hop from an alternate universe, where melody has not yet been crushed by intensity of expression.

coolparadiso's picture

love it - yup quirky with all sorts of sounds . terrific fun and entertainment and very catchy just "saying saying saying"

cindyrella's picture

Wolf! This is so quirky and please don't delete it! You are so clever, original and fun! I love this song!

musicsongwriter's picture

Yes you will get criticism from me if you delete it Sad
Very funky, quirky, quick and delightful song Smile

mike skliar's picture

nicely done! love what you're doing with the melody and rhythm of the title phrase and the whole idea is a fun and productive one...

a very engaging listen!

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Ah, Wolf! This is great fun musically... Just off-kilter a little and catchy. You have that 80s romantic sound and vibe to your music. Love it.

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Delete it?! Hell, this is great, just saying. It so weirdly catchy and slyly funny. It's an odd little expression ("just saying"), one that allows people to say without saying all sorts of nasty things. You puncture it nicely here. Glad to see you're still at the top of your considerable game

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What everyone else says. Please don't delete! There so much quirky fun in this bundle. The way you move words that way is beyond me.
All the cool Wolf goodness here.

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Love the Melodic Freedom in this ear-catching and dynamic, quick-moving thought-provoking Little gem. You got all the good parts of an excellent song stuffed in there. Compact, Potent, and just pleasant to the ear. Can't run away from that.
Russ Smile

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Nice to have you back, old friend! This is filled with your trademark cool vibe and great vocals. Lovely little embellishments - the synths, the keys, the "just sayin" refrain ... loved it!

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Really nice in all its shortness. The verses are full of tension (very cool bass) and head nodding goodness, what follows is the playfulness in the 'We could be' parts (couldn't have said it better than TG: trademark cool vibe). Lovely song, a keeper for sure (a song to get back to for new listens). Yeah, I can hear the fun and thrill in what you created here!

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You are a master at phrasing and what a great treat to be listening to you again...Great music, upbeat to show us there is hope in getting along...just sayin....very clever and too good to delete...keep it where everyone can hear..........just sayin.........

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Cool feel and arrangement. There are some cool 80s vibes in the instrumentation. Nice flow between the parts and while there's a certain quirkiness to the song, it's not too sickly-sweet or anything like that imo. I like the verse melody a lot, the "just sayin', just sayin'" part is almost like a sigh conveying more meaning to the lyric (difficult to explain but I like the prosody of it).

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Aww, this is cute and fun. Don't you dare delete it!!! It's so good to hear you again. I have so missed your talent and your arrangements are always the best! Fun energy from start to finish and always... I never want your tunes to end!! Masterful! So happy to come here and get me some clever, brilling Wolf fixin's! Just sayin' Wink

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Amazing to hear one of your tunes after such a long time, Wolf. I really dig the way you're playing with your vocal delivery.

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Shorter and more timed than I expected from you, not that that is a bad thing. Strong lyrics!