BEAUTIFUL BEING (Extended Version)

BEAUTIFUL BEING (Extended Version)

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Liner Notes: 

CTS: So, I'm bit behind with my collaboration commitments. I am in the process of rectifying said inequities. LadyRed had written a song (poem) called Beautiful Being. It translated to me as something personal; very intimate. I was immediately drawn to it. I had to let it sit in my creative space for a little while because I want to make sure I have fully realized what I hear from her writings. We've collaborated on a few tunes in the past. Here's another one to enjoy from her Crimson Badness...

Tech notes: I'm not liking this Shure SM7. I really have to boost the gains in order for it to pick my vocals. In the process, it's picking up crazy interference which might be from the computer.

How I did it:
DAW: Studio One Professional
Virtual Instruments: Cello, Rhodes
MIDI Controller: Alesis
Guitar: Squire with Reel ADT plugins for FX
Drum programming: Presonus sample collection (with added plugins from Waves
Vocals: me


I need your body In my bed
And hear your voice in my heard
I need 2 feel u beside me
And let your fingers guide me

U're my everything
And always have been
U R the most beautiful being that I've ever seen

Take me 2 places I've never been
Show me the passion from deep within
I love the way that U R 2 me
I want 2 show U love 2

U're my everything
And always have been
U R the most beautiful being that I've ever seen


U're my everything
And always have been
U R the most beautiful being that I've ever seen

2019 FAWM 50/90

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This is really sweet. Lovely vocals and arrangement for the solid LadyRed lyric. Great collab!

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Very good . Lady red always has good passionate lyrics and this is a good mix of music for them. Nice delivery as well. very nice

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Beautifully produced (and arranged), lovely vocal befits a tender lyric. Great collab. Well done!

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these full, elastic vocals have a slow, sensual give and take that express the physicality of the lyrics.

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Beautiful song and collaboration. Brilliant lyrics, music, vocals, playing and demo. A delight and hypnotic to listen to. Gorgeous vocal harmonies.

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. Soulfull performance. Very well expressing the emotions and passion in the lyrics.

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I dig the elec piano run at 2:31. The elec piano period gives just enough without dominating, giving room for your vocals.
This whole thing is intimate and personal, mirroring those qualities from @LadyRed's poem/lyrics. The focus is on the words for the listener, which you delivery delicately.
My ears however are drawn to the music, and I really dig what you put together, from the drum pattern to the sounds used and the space and vibe you give this track.

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Bravely minimal production, suits the lyric well. Love the octave vocals that move into harmonies later. Really nice build to the whole thing.