This Long Journey

This Long Journey

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Liner Notes: 

Wrote the words during the skirmish time, but then my wife went off to meditate. She kindly told me that the sound of a banjo might not be conducive to her time alone.


This long journey is at an end
This long journey with you my friend
We’ll raise a toast to our success
Sing our songs and then we’ll rest

This long journey just had to be
A mighty struggle to set us free
Used everything that we’re made of
This long journey labor of love

Oh what we learned oh what we did
How we uncovered what was hid
Climbed the mountain sailed the sea
A small part of history

This long journey over and done
This long journey we made as one
Trusted the map trusted each other
This long journey with you my brother
We kept our faith in the divine Mother

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coolparadiso's picture

Sounds like a happy sad song to me! I like the simple banjo work here. Very nicely done.

pokerowan's picture

This is GORGEOUS. Sounds proper folky and nomadic, like the conclusion to a great quest with humble quest-ers. My favourite lines are "Climbed the mountain sailed the sea // A small part of history" - perfect pauses, simple and strong, and utterly charming. And your vocal style suits this brilliantly. Bloody good work pal!

metalfoot's picture

Pretty tune and the simple banjo is the perfect accompaniment.

JWHanberry's picture

This is a fine tune. Almost, but not quite, a cowboy ballad. I kept waiting for the whole bluegrass band to come in. Wink Very good work.

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful song Chip, sounds lovely to listen to. Very nice take on a skirmish prompt.

kahlo2013's picture

I like how you convey the bittersweetness of the end of a special journey full of many adventures. The pacing and phrasing of your vacate against the backdrop of the laid back banjo is perfect.

cindyrella's picture

So much to love about this! I think the banjo is the perfect choice!

Amanda West's picture

This is very strong, in that genuine old time Appalacian mountain men music kind of way Smile That's a compliment by the way Wink It's beautiful Smile

atitlan's picture

Love the simplicity of the arrangement' just voice and strummed banjo. The lyrics seem equally apt for end of a real journey or as a metaphor for life.