Long Journey

Long Journey

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Liner Notes: 


host Amanda West
prompt The Long Journey

Very rough. Not sure about the melody so it's different each time. Needs pad(s) and FX but no more time right now.

Guitars: '64 Fender Jaguar
Amp:'67 Fender Dual Showman
Fender re-issue Reverb Unit
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Long Journey

It's gonna be a long journey
Better get goin'
Take only what you need
Don't let your baggage slow you down

Gonna be a long journey
Better get a move on
Many miles through the night
Before we see the glorious dawn

Gonna be a long journey
Come on take a ride
We'll keep our clan together
Until we reach the other side.

©2019 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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pokerowan's picture

There's so much incredible rhythm in this. It's just like the early New Wave I love so much (before it broke off into separate UK and US new wave haha!). Those stabs of tone are to die for!!

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A long journey with the clan, oh boy! I remember family trips in the car, reading comic books and hoping not to get car sick--"everybody pee before we leave."
I love the beat, reminds me of the sound of tires going over a bridge with the metal cross pieces in the road.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool music, I wanted to listen for longer to your song, it shows the journey perfectly and as with the journey nothing is every repeated the same way, music can be different, it's all making sense and sounds very good! Very cool take on the skirmish prompt.

coolparadiso's picture

This is really cool. Reminds me of something but the brain not on all cylinders yet! Very good skirmish. You've really settled into these different styles.

cindyrella's picture

Very good! So relatable to being on a journey. Nice take!

Amanda West's picture

Love that underlying beat, and how you layer it up as it progresses. This is a kinda electronic rock ? It's very cool whatever the genre Smile

metalfoot's picture

That's a really unique sound and I like what you did with the lyrics and melody too. Nice work!

Chip Withrow's picture

Intense, driving tune - I needed a late afternoon pick me up like this! I love that big bass thump, and then the drop off to just percussion and guitar for some contrast. The guitar work throughout is stellar without being showy, like a good soul/disco rhythm guitarist often is.

kahlo2013's picture

Fantastic driving rhythm and great flow to the melody. It is perfect for an upbeat song about a long journey. Cool layers that keep the journey of the song itself interesting and engaging. Well done!

Acousticmaddie's picture

Very cool instrumentation. works well in all its quirkyness. A bit of 80´s feeling over this.