Our Journey

Our Journey

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Liner Notes: 

Finally had a few minutes to write this. Very quick, but I thought of the journey of a baby.


Our Journey
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Tiny at first
Growing fast
Mother is nauseous

A little bigger
Wiggling about
First kick is awesome

Now I'm a pound
Head pronounced
Mother's tummy is growing

Every day change
Counting the days
Her joy is overflowing

Me and Mom are on a journey
She's wanted me for so long
She's already reading to me
And singing lullaby songs
Our journey is a journey of love

Space is limited
I'm getting big
Mother can't tie her shoes

I'm all grown
Soon I'll be born
Mother will sing out the news

Repeat chorus

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Wonderful mother-daughter journey. Very interesting and unexpected take on the skirmish prompt.

coolparadiso's picture

Yeah great slant on the prompt, very clever! Well done cool skirmish

kahlo2013's picture

Nice perspective for the prompt and a wonderful journey to write about. I like the concise lines that tell the story in few words.

MarkG's picture

A nice creative take on the prompt. It is indeed a long journey--for both parent and child.
On second reading, I see that the entire journey is in utero. You think that was special, kid, wait until you see the world. Very clever

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'Mother can't tie her shoes' is the CUTEST line. And 'journey of a baby' is a wonderful concept right from the start! How sweet and pretty. Great idea!

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What a sweet and creative idea to write it from the unborn child's perspective. Very well done my friend.

Amanda West's picture

This is so so sweet !! It would make a really cool lullaby Smile I agree with above about that shoe tying line, it is seriously cute !

metalfoot's picture

That's a real journey, for sure, and fraught with its own troubles...!

Chip Withrow's picture

Reminds me of following the progress of our daughter - I recall it vividly, and she's 17 now!
Interesting perspective, makes for some lullaby/kids folk potential.