Full moon, empty plates

Full moon, empty plates

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Liner Notes: 

This is a strange one, I had just finished another song, and was playing this half diminished guitar chord, and a melody suggested itself. I played acoustic resonator guitar playing some sort of chord improvisation into the music maker app on the iPhone, which added drums. Then went back and thought up a lyric, recorded on the iPhone garageband (two tracks of vocals) and a little bit of mixing and .. here it is, less then one minute long of semi-apocalyptic strangeness

It might work as part of the 'closing number' challenge, too- perhaps a darker kind of 'her majesty', so to speak? Smile


Full moon
Empty plates
Too many

Its gotten better
But things could change
Almost guaranteed
Its gonna get strange

And the things we thought we figured out
Will all be rearranged

(c) M. Skliar

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Nice sound for phone recording/engineering. I was wondering what the last two lines reminded me of and just got it: "And my soul's been psychedelicized." (Time Has Come Today--the Chambers Brothers.)

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This is delightfully fun and just a little off-kilter!

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I like the change up in style and diminished chords. Things could change Smile Could definitely be a transitional or act ending song.