Chip's Challenge

Chip's Challenge

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Liner Notes: 

i give up on this song, it's too hard to play in one take without making a mistake, there's so much that can go wrong. it's going straight in the bin, i hated the experience of recording this so much that i never want to hear it again.


First day, and you need me to see you
And I need you to recognise I don’t need to be seen
And so I don’t really know how to give you what you need
It’s not natural to me
Like I say, I don’t need to be seen
Don’t need anybody to be impressed by me
But if from me, this is what you need
Then I’m just sorry, you’ll never be seen by me

It’s not special when you know what is right and wrong
And still can’t get along with the people that you meet
So headstrong, telling me your opinions
As if I didn’t think the same, but you never even asked me
If you’d just listen, you’d know I don’t need to be told
That money isn’t everything and friendship is gold
But I see there’s a slight possibility
That none of this is about me, you just see what you see

A pat on the head for the basic human decency
And courtesy you’ve effortfully showed towards me
I mean, usually the person doesn’t have to point it out to me
But as per another of your pearls of wisdom, everyone’s unique
Would you prefer it if I told you on repeat
That you’re a good person, you’re a good person, you’re a good person
I don’t know why you need this from me
If you could trust in your own judgment, it’d be your release

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I'm sorry if this was tough for you but it is wonderful in so many ways! Love the guitar and your vocals are great!

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HOW DO YOU NOT LOVE THIS SONG??!! I was mesmerized from note one. Seriously! Not just trying to butter you up. These are just "demo versions" we're putting up here anyway--only way to get 50 done in 90 days, right? Mistakes are negligible and meanwhile the guitar tone is FANTASTIC, as are your vocals.

What are you using for a DAW? Does it have a "comping" feature? I've finally started using that on vocals, since I always botch them--now I just sing everything 3 times and "comp" the best phrases for a much-improved final version. Far as I'm concerned, yours is ready for publication. GREAT JOB!

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Great liner notes lol
Gosh, this tune is fantastic; I really understand how the recording experience can colour a song for you, but listening with fresh ears I can tell you that you have a winner here.
Oh yeah, so nice.
Really nice vocals.
Lovely guitar work.