Gently, I Walk

Gently, I Walk

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Liner Notes: 

I've had such little time and inspiration this summer, that I made some time(almost 2:00am) and tried to force something out of me.
Just going to post what I have, and leave it at that.


Gently I Walk

The wind gently flows.. through the valley of Kings
Touching your soul… and spreading your wings
The sun always follows.. the path that was made
As faeries rejoice in the haze…
La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la - laaa

See.. the young children, asleep in their bed
Innocence rising to call out the day
Hear the sweet laughter aloft in the air
Their world is a world without care
La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la - laaa

Gently, I walk thru a world that’s on edge
Enjoying a brief glimpse of peace…
The devil is out there, and he is awake
But give me this moment to breathe…
La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la – laaa

The wind gently flows.. through the valley of Kings
Touching my soul… and spreading my wings
The sun feels so lovely… you must have a taste
And dare to come out of the shade…
La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la – laaa

A child can laugh, when the world is so grim
Why must they do what we say…
We teach them to hate – it’s so hard to relate
As their innocence starts to decay
La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la – laaa

Gently, I walk thru… the valley of Kings
I wonder… if I have a soul
The devil is out there, and he is awake
And suddenly, I am not whole…
La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la – laaa

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glad to see you back and a nice lyric to come back with. could fit a lot of genres

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Welcome back! This is really beautiful and powerful in the images. I love the hook and the calm amid the complexities and chaos. It brings a sense of peace, compassion, and wonder to a challenging time and reminds one to be the example of love and peace that this world needs. Well done!

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Thats really fine lyrics, has a toiuch of the deep of greensleves over it. Hope it gets music.

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Really wonderful - stark beauty, and then an ambiguous end (I love songs and stories that end that way). I had my uke handy and started playing a minor-key, sort of minstrel-type folk tune that fit the melody but seemed too dark (maybe?) for the song as a whole.
Your words are always ready-made for music, it seems.

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Looking at the lyrics...line one is a killer...takes me to Eqypt for starters. The next line has a kind of magical feel to it. The next two lines continue the journey and the whole thing has great rhymes. Then we get the la laa refrain..very nice. I actually tried that with my voice, I think I got it. The next section is all about children followed by the la laa refrain. The next verse is really strong and brings out the devil...later the refrain. The next part is a variation of the first section and has a nice point of view perspective change...followed by la laa refrain. The next part is a variation of the 2nd part and power section of the song. I've always thought that once the schools get a hold the children they start changing. I could say a lot more about this section but it speaks for itself and has the nice refrain la laa. The last part is a variation of the third section and hits really hard. The devil is out there, and he is awake...and the refrain la laa. Wow, this is pretty solid lyrics. The message is consistent as is the refrain. I like the way the second half evolves. I think this would be easy to sing for some people and if the singer can get the La-laaa – la,la,laaa – la,la – la –la – laaa into a catchy melody it could turn into a pretty awesome demo. The lyrics are very solid and the rhymes and patterns are there. I would wipe this out so I can't step up. Great job on this.

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This feels like a story about innocence and losing it. It starts all sweet and joyful, then becomes ominous and darker towards the end. Very complex and multilayered lyrics but the main theme holds it together nicely as does the la-la-laa refrain. The refrain even when it is so simple is changing after each verse from sincere to mocking to something sung by the devil itself. Really well-written lyrics.

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I had to come back and check this one again and now I have a melody and would like to demo and post it next week.