The Three Of Us Tonight

The Three Of Us Tonight

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Continuing the electric-car-musical-from-the-point-of-view-of-the-cars song arc I am following this 5090. The idea for this has been bouncing around in my head for awhile. Reading the Stephen Sondheim books Finishing The Hat and Look I Made A Hat, according to Sondheim there is a huge emphasis on the opening and closing number and including multiple motifs and lyrical references to songs throughout. I wrote it as a candidate to fill the set/act closing slot as a type of reprise. So far I really like it. Although it is likely to get tweaked as I learn it and play it and if it really is going to be an opening or closing type number then there are more songs to be written from several of the references therein. The recording is just me and guitar on a single track, the way I am likely to perform it. I did double the track and offset the duplicate by a fraction of a second.


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The Three Of Us Tonight {All, Closing}
Chords: A - xo222o; G - 32oo3; C - x32o1o; D - xxo232; G6 - 32oooo; A7add11 - 54oooo; Cmaj7add9 - 87oooo;

Verse 1
The three of us
Together can do anything
The three of us
Are part of a team

Plug us in
Watch us go
Can’t stop us now
C’mon lets drive
Take a long ride
The three of us tonight

Verse 2
The three of us
Can take you almost anywhere
The three of us
Are like unicorn rare

Repeat Chorus twice

Verse 3
The three of us
Fully charged and ready
The three of us
Gonna help you breathe

Repeat Pre-Chorus
Repeat Chorus and fade

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LOVE that G6 A7add11 Cmaj7add9 progression.
Nice ending number!

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A perfect ending with a tribute to the e-car! Great melody and vocals on this!

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yes i love some of those progressions. good finish song for the E car musical

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Love the guitar. Very unique in thought and production. Hate to be dense...but who are the 3? The car, you & what?

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Nice one! yeah, it does have that vibe of being either the 'happy ending' or a 'beginning'.. I like the open-sounding music that really propels this along nicely... 'c'mon lets drive' !

(and yeah, i have a new song that works perhaps as an 'ending' song, actually two, a 'happy' one and a' more ambiguous one' Smile )

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Love the catchy melody and the idea is great! So creative!