A Migrant stole my job

A Migrant stole my job

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Liner Notes: 

In the big smoke getting stuff for my studio. Thought it was time for this one.

The back story is i feared migrant backlash more than 20 years ago. At that time in western cultures we were relatively affluent, the working class even had some disposable income. Everyone was happy and migrants were embraced especially when doing the menial jobs. Everyone spoke of the great multiculturalism. I said then that the real test of it would be when we were not so affluent and some of the migrants where more affluent! Et voila! Not so much embracing these days? So this is what came to mind by my observations. Happy if someone else want to collaborate!


Ive never really worked at all
Im pretty much a slob
But id like to lodge a formal complaint
A migrant stole my job

Not sure which job it was
Cause I’m totally unskilled
But you gotta watch those immigrants
They can probably have you killed

Send them home send them home
I don’t see what they add
And they seem to have it better than me
i think that we’ve been had

I reckon all the problems
Sit right there on their shoulders
We can follow some of their lead
And stone them with big boulders

Instrumental (16 bars)

Send them home send them home
I don’t see what they add
And they seem to have it better than me
i think that we’ve been had

So what if they worked the dirty jobs
They now seem to have money
Ive still got nothing at all
I dont find that very funny

Ill always find someone to blame
And its all the migrants fault
I dont want to do nothing
But the migrants we should halt

Send them home send them home
I don’t see what they add
And they seem to have it better than me
I think that we’ve been had

I want something for nothing
They just work instead
But they are terrorists and bring disease
at least thats what i read

Maybe we should close our borders
Don’t take me for a fool
Ive got a good idea
We could even build a wall

Send them home send them home
I don’t see what they add
And they seem to have it better than me
i think that we’ve been had

Send them home send them home
I don’t see what they add
And they seem to have it better than me
And i think that we’ve been had

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Well written protest song. I especially like the way it gets more absurd as it goes along and the way he/she tells he/she is a slob and wants something for nothing. Ain't that the truth! Smile

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Boom! Perfect in so many ways. Someone pointed out that when ICE makes these big sweeps, they are at places where they are working. But those against them say they won't work. Anyhow, good one!

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a good idea that hasnt been explored much in the protest idin. phil ochs bracero and woody guthries deportees being my favorites. the big change i believe is the collapse of the working class. the function of migrant labor was to push them up the ladder a few steps. but the ladder itself no longer exists, and the immigration policies favor the educated, professional class of immigrants today, the effect being of pushing the established citizen down instead of up on the broken socio economic escalator. and with land barons inflating the cost of housing, poor immigrants can no longer afford even the most bsic living expenses while working for the low wages offeredm so they are no longer the asset to the economy that they once were. when the working family can no longer afford a middle class, home owning, three squares a day, lifestyle, the migrant has little chance of eking out a living, so the government is not so enthusiastic about their contribution to the economy as they might have been in more plentiful times. good job on bringing these issues into the public eye without all the bs associated with the subjects by a government that has their own interests to propagate,

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Great song and well/appropriately done.

It's a "weird" subject too since so much of what's occurred since, even 1995 (!), 'till right about 2008/9, is not "mainstream", real-fact known "here".

In my world, (one of them from my past), -- of H1 Visa'd folks within corporate America, while inappropriate for "here", -- it got very messy (but won't say how Wink Smile ).

On the other hand, too, -- I worked on a tomato farm in north carolina while back to school, -- yet a third time... and the migrant workers I dealt with, I had nothing but love for, -- literally "gypsies", entire family's doing the "loop" for cash and back again next year.

Back then, I then, got to see them through a second career in NC, -- Law Enforcement. They had no living expenses Smile , so to speak, -- since (the ones I knew), lived in otherwise "open land", so to speak, (camped the entire season), and "policed" themselves and unless *got us involved ("had to"), -- never saw them. (They had their own "LE", and we had a don't ask don't tell attitude, or I did, personally -- I had allot of self-direction in my position, -- only violent crimes or large bales of hay Wink , powder -- held my interest.)

But, that legacy, history does not have any collation to today's "mainstreamed" stuff. How I see it, imo/ime those folks are really getting hurt by all of this since did *not *want to *stay... went home and built a large Ranch, -- there!

Oh, well, -- everyone's got a story to tell, and now you have a song to musicate!!! Smile

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A fine satirical lyric, in the tradition of some of Tom Lehrer, perhaps. Yeah, that "America First' Xenophobic nonsense is ripe for satire, a la those actual tea party signs of 2010, 'get your government hands off my medicare'.. etc.

You could also add a verse about the narrator's own family being immigrants, only that was 'different'... hmm, i wonder how?

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Thats a really good idea @mike skliar. I will add in near the end something like

My parents came from lands beyond
Did what they had to do
Worked so darned hard to make it
Mmm suppose im a migrant to

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This immediately brought to mind one of my favourite quotes from John Steinbeck: "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." You've captured that mindset very well.