Surprise tag

Surprise tag

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Liner Notes: 

This is a bonus track for

Since it was very short, I loaded everything into the computer and replicated some of the loops.



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Very good bass connecting all the wild experimentation. Really liked it.

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Wow, all this from me having “a mad moment”!

This is so good Good

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Wow, this sounds really cool! My cheesy keyboard strings are transformed by lovely tape and some Elesimo magic. Good stuff!

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How dare you take that away so quickly?! lol jk
I was really ready for something to kick off from that epic intro, well at least I thought it was an intro.
The 4-track thing sounds like a fun idea.
Whatever was done by whoever, this specifc piece is quite pleasing to my ears.
Will check out the other track you mention...

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Interesting! I just listened to the other song - this sounds completely different, but doesn't sound like any editing weirdness here. Cool!

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"Lovely tape" indeed. That gentle sinewave synth that lazily drifts across the mix towards the end really works for me Smile

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Oops, there are a couple of 4-track songs I completely missed. Nice build to this one. I like the bass, and the building slasher-movie guitar part. The random-sequence synth part is also rather cool.