I Want a Scary Song

I Want a Scary Song

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Liner Notes: 

Papa and Estrella improvise a song about monsters who want to eat babies and the spiders that follow them around. baby makes up the story while papa plays guitar and adds monster sounds


goo goo gaga

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How adorable! Her sweet voice and your monster sounds

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lol..I can't wait to hear the audio on this one...hold. You want a scary song..yeah...baby talk...there was a baby walking...momma ...monster...going to eat you....scary...I'm gonna eat you....there was a spider....spider....lol...little flang on the guitar now....monster...and the baby was afraid....I'm gonna eat you said the monster. Lol....what a classic Bill...this is really cute. Might be a once in a lifetime chance and you got it. Well done!

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This is so funny. The dark chords against the babies sweetness, I love the melody for I'm gonna eat you, against this backing. Very good and fun.

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This is fantastic!!! So adorable!!! Love listening to children improvise. They're the best.