Earthworms, Snails and Slugs

Earthworms, Snails and Slugs

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Liner Notes: 

I actually wrote this a week or so ago with some help from Louise, but was holding off on posting it up until I caught up with the comments I’ve received so far...

I’ve decided instead to post it up privately, and then make it public when I’ve caught up.

I often see these creatures outside while I’m working night shifts, and felt bad that they’re misunderstood. They are actually very helpful to the environment, and yet people think that they are pests.

I try to write at least one children’s song in a songwriting challenge!

Acoustic guitar, tenor ukulele, sleigh bells, bongos, go go’s.


Earthworms, snails and slugs
They are all misunderstood
They all do so much good
Earthworms, snails and slugs

(Insert verses one & two when I find my book)

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