Can I?

Can I?

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Liner Notes: 

Funny how just asking a question can makes an idea for a song come. Needs music and vocals, if someone wants to do it.


Can I?
© 2019 Cindy Prince

With those lashes
That dimpled smile
I have hot flashes
That drive me wild

With your pout
Your wavy hair
I have no doubt
Why I care

So can I
Take you to a movie?
Cause I think
You're really groovy
Can I
Be your beau?
Please, please tell me
I gotta know

I'm weak
Around you
Please let me
Love you

With your grin
Your lively zest
I know I'm in
For this love quest

With your eyes
Your sunny way
It's no surprise
I wanna play

Repeat chorus

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I like this one. It has a certain old-time charm with beau and taking her to a movie. The verses have a pretty good rhythm and they also match in a quite singable way. I'd like to demo this, please, if it's not already taken.