Magic 8 Ball Says

Magic 8 Ball Says

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Liner Notes: 

My own personal skirmish, haven't had a chance to write or play, so here it is. Still writing songs I wish I'd written when I was 17. Biggrin


Magic 8 ball says
You been good to me
Magic ball says
It's fine

Tell me the truth now
You will always lie
Story of bad faith
That's fine

I'm feeling free
I'm feeling strong
I'm feeling fine
Magic 8 ball mess your mind

I'm feeling cool
I'm feeling gone
I'm feeling wise
Magic 8 ball mess your mind

Magic 8 ball says
You been good to me
Magic ball says
It's fine.

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This is great! I love the idea and this music is awesome! Wonderful!

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Well done magic! Man, channeling my inner 17 year old could be dangerous. Especially if electric cars were a better known thing then.

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That's high a high melody for you. I like it. Do that more often.
You're not 17??? No way.
A magic 8 ball always knows what's up. Best pay attention, eh?

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this is what punk might have sounded like had it emerged ten years earlier, i wonder how it would have gone over at the fillmore

benjo's picture

Oh yeah man that music

if you don't move to this you're dead
loved the lyric simple is always best


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Aren't we all still 17? Well not the boys: they only become 8 and maybe taller...
Nice rocker!

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Another worthy punk tune from you, Tom.
Great high vocals.
Nice harmonies.
Awesome playing.
Keep 'em coming!!
(Yes you are 17. I'm 17 as well. That's my story and I'm sticking to it)